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pure hearts

  1. Mephistus

    Across the Mario-Verse [2-A God Tier Upgrades & Cosmology]

    This blog outlines why the cosmology should hold infinite universes and why some people should scale. If we have character profiles for Luigi, Peach, or Bowser eventually being made for their paper counterparts then this tier upgrade would apply to them as well with a Pure Hearts key
  2. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Waking up from the Dream (2-B Mario Downgrades)

    "This does not Mama the Mia..." -Super "Nintendo" Mario Currently, Mario characters can be rated as high as 2-B, due to scaling to the assumption that all dreams are universes, there are hundreds of thousands of dreams in existence, and multiple characters, items, or events have power over all...
  3. Drhorrible100

    Pure hearts CRT

    The pure hearts should have fate manipulation due to stopping a prophetic book that had never been wrong before (as far as we know, and with every scenario presented in game except for the chaos heart the Dark Prognosticus was correct)
  4. Drhorrible100

    Bill Cipher/ Pure hearts revision

    Bill ciphers is pretty minor, but it should be specified in his profile that he did not create a rip in reality, he merely made a pre-existing one larger. The pure hearts should have fate manipulation due to them negating the final stages of the Dark Prognosticus, a prophetic book, and fixing...
  5. Coolboy6

    Mario vs Xeno goku

    Goku: Mario: Apologize if this is a stomp
  6. DatOneWeeb

    Mario: 1-A Upgrade

    Plato. Credit to Bendy.
  7. ShadowWarrior1999

    Mario range upgrade

    This one is quick and simple. The Pure Hearts can undo any damage that was caused by the Chaos Heart. Mario's range should be listed as "Multiversal with the Pure Hearts."
  8. Timesmashaperil

    Minor Addition to Abilities With Pure Hearts

    Should Mario get resistance to Existence Erasure with the Pure Hearts? Not only did one survive (albiet with its energy drained), but with all of the Pure Hearts, Mario travelled to Castle Bleck, which supposedly existed inside the Void (this one's a little iffy compared to the previous one, but...
  9. Newendigo

    Pure hearts Vs Human souls

    These colorful hearts are stated likely multiversal tools, so i just want to compare they to know whish is more powerful by some means. Boosting someone's power: How poweful could be someone using them. Individual power: How powerful could be separated from a host. Boosted by one: How...