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Battle for 5th Strongest Low 6-B (Non Smurf)


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VS Battles
Time to see if Danny Phantom characters can make it on to the Non Smurf Low 6-B list. Given Danny Phantom has multiple Low 6-B's with most of the same abilities, I'll simply use the strongest one... At least in terms of AP. There are still people like Ember McLai, Undergrowth and such who have their own unique abilities.

Vortex: 1 (Litentric Teon)


Karaka doesn't have non-physical interaction, so that's the end of that.

Unless World of Darkness is still a go due to absorbing energy like Shinsoo.
Ionliosite said:
What does Vortex do?
Spams wide spread weather effects and duplication. He froze over Italy with his presence and he split himself in two, melting one part of amity park and freezing the other. He duplicated himself into 4 copies, shots lightning and powerful winds. Lastly he uses Telekinesis to hold his enemies in place to tag them.

His other powers are secondary.
Going under the assumption that World of Darkness can and will work... then he can still sense even if he can't see Vortex.

TK won't work, Karaka has higher liftting strength and True Flight.

World of Darkness would also take care of most of his attacks and could outright suck Vortex and his clones as well.
How can it stop attacks that have planetary AoE? The entire area around them will freeze.

Vortex won't just sit there. With his higher speed. I don't see him getting touched.
Aww. This seems like fun.

Though, since ToG characters don't have NPI (That's actually surprising), I'm pretty sure Vortex takes it. He has excellent regen even if Karaka could tag him.

World of darkness also isn't instant absorption. Though, and I forgot, Karaka should be able to read minds. I'm pretty sure Vortex takes it only because Karaka can't hurt him with anything. And with world of Darkness not being instant, Vortex should be able to escape it. And then kinda just wear down on Karaka's strength since Vortex likely has superior stamina as a ghost. (I may be wrong on the stamina part). Vortex also has possession and the like as a win con. But his go to options don't mean terribly much to Karaka.