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Battle for 3RD Strongest Non-Smurf High 7-C (Fran and Master VS Parado)

Given that he is a inorganic thing without soul, I wonder if its fair to say that Master could just put him into his Dimensional Storage....

If not I guess it's power stealing on the Regenerationn and then taking the kill via spacetime magic.

Or Urushi just does a mind attack.
There's no EE resistance for Fran and Master here and since neither of them are Emu, it's very IC for him to just yeet a bunch of Bugster Viruses at them which would EE the both of them (Or at least Fran).

Or if he just wanted to be a dick for whatever reason, he could throw a few cells at Fran and infect them without presenting Symptoms (So they'd never know they were infected) and EE them at his leisure.

But most likely is he just goes Muscle Up + Speed Up and speed blitz them both and destroy them with little difficulties. Hell of a lot more simpler than Power Stealing Parad's Regen and then using a specific type of magic to kill him and Parad's way is waaaay more IC (It's like... all he does).

Also Mind Attacks shouldn't work. You'd be at best trying to Mindhax a computer and at worst, mindhaxing virus particles.

And if you're doubting Parad's potency of Speed-Up then uhh here. Speed difference between a non-energy item user and an energy item user is speed blitz level and since speed is equalized here, there you go.