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VS Battles
Batman Arkham City Batman Arkham Asylum 2011 freecomputerdesktopwallpaper 1920
Jurassic park

Batman crashes on the Jurassic Park New Island (that contains dinosaurs from each of the islands). How far does he survive? Note: Batman can escape the island, but requires him to deal with each of the threats.

Round 1: Velociraptor Pack (x6 Raptors, Bruce must kill all of the Raptors to proceed, they find Bruce in the Long Grass)

Round 2: Pteranodon Flock (x6, Bruce has stumbled in their Bird Cage and must kill the Flock to proceed)

Round 3: Buck and Doe (2 Rexes, Bruce must either kill, incapacitate, or escape, and has been sighted at Junior's Nesting Grounds

Round 4: The Spinosaurus (x1, Bruce must kill or incap or KO, Bruce must escape to the other side of the River)

Round 5: The Indominus Rex (x1, Bruce must kill or be killed to escape, takes place in the same plaza where Rexy and Indominus fight takes place.)

Bonus Round: The Mosasaurus (x1, the Mosa escaped and Bruce is on a boat.)

Rules: Bruce is given all of his equipment. Whatever equipment he uses in whatever round is expended if it's expendable (such as the Batrangs).

Bruce is given time to recover after Round 2 and Round 4.

Dinosaurs have no previous knowledge, Batman is aware that the island has Dinosaurs on it, but otherwise no prep time.

How far does he get?
Mikoto Misaka231 said:
Well, if Batman has prep, he could maybe bring his suits or a weapon that could 1-shot the dinos.
He doesn't. He has knowledge of the Island after he crashes.
Dinos would sniff him out and eat him for lunch. He's still just a person in the jungle. He's not "suited" for this scenario with most of this stuff.

R1: Yep, done for. Bats loses.

R2: He might make it. Decent match-up. Wins with some difficulty.

R3: If he makes it, and recovers, he might be able to evade in the woods in the back, otherwise he can't do much to incap or hurt them.

R4: Too fast for him, it tears down most of the place even if he swings around and uses gases. He might get away if he has enough gas, but I doubt without prep he does normally.

R5: He's dead when it pins him down. Otherwise he could evade until he got help or got past it.
Round 1: He can win if he plays smart, but one single mistake and the Velociraptors will damage his armor badly with either bites or scratches and score a kill if they manage to pin him down.

Round 2: If he got damaged in round 1, then he will be screwed here. They will pick him by the arms, they fly up and toss him from the air, that will daze him and then they will just peck him until he bleeds to death. But if he didn't got injured in round 1, he can survive this.

Round 3: He can only run away, but a T-Rex can run faster than a Peak Human, so if he trips or something he will be eaten. If he has a lot of gas, I'm sure he could slow them down with ease

Round 4: He is screwed here, no way he is bringing that Spino down with the injuries he got in Round 2 and he will have very little equipment here.

Round 5: He is screwed too, he won't be able to bring him down

Special round: He is screwed too, no way he is outrunning it
Aparajita said:
So where do you think he stops at?
Normal without prep, and ignoring that weird DC comic where Bats was sent back in time, he makes it to 3 at best.

Most prepared and at his best, he could get to 4, but it's unclear at 5, and for the bonus round he's done regardless.
Would Batman qualify, in your opinions, as a notable victory for Indominus or the Spino?
Does Batman know he has to survive 5 rounds?

Round 1 is a stomp. Given usual equipment and his blatantly superhuman physicals compared to Jurassic Park humans and Dinos(just google a respect thread). He can one shot raptors without his gear but he'd probably use a few batarangs or some of his tranq darts.

Round 2 if he notices them first this is again a stomp. He could wait until they're sleeping and just stealth kill them all, or he could use his grapnel gun to catch one at a time if they notice him.(Just looked at their profile, stomp with minimul gadget use)

Round 3 He just has to escape? Easy. He can outrun them. (Has been noted to run at speeds over 30mph)

Round 4 He's starting to run a little low on his regular gadgets now I'd assume. With some of his explosive gel and a smokescreen he can kill it.

Round 5 I'd give him a 5/10 to win if he held on to enough explosives, a flashbang, and hasn't taken much damage up til this point.

Bonus Without a resupply? I mean it's possible.
Aparajita said:
Would Batman qualify, in your opinions, as a notable victory for Indominus or the Spino?
Aside from wanking and outliers, Batman canoningly has experience with similar things. He can win if fully prepared and in the right environment.
Please remember to pay close attention to my wording in the post.

Batman does not discover the dinosaurs, they discover him. Meaning stealth is not an option.

Also, please state your reasoning for your vote to be counted.
Bulletproof doesn't mean damage proof

For example A bulletproof vest only stops the bullet from entering your body. However, The body still recieves the recoil damage and even though the bullet didn't pierce skin, it might cause a major bruise and possibly a broken rib.
Round 1: Batman would probuly have to use AMAZING levels of stealth but raptors would probuly sniff him out. Also side note can raptors defend against kung fu or any martial arts? :(. Any way probuly goes to raptors due to the amount and the area he's in

Round 2: Batman's gotta use his cape to glide (pretty sure thats canon) so he could probuly glide into one of the Pteranodo's in order to have a chance though his batarangs could pose a threat to the them

Round 3: Bats is gonna probuly get destroyed here as tyrannosaurs can move faster than the human speed at it's prime so bats is probuly gonna have to use gas or somehow call the batmobile in order to get little speed advantages

Round 4: He may take this one if he gets on the back of the spino and damages the sail may not look like a giveaway weakpoint but it actully is

Round 5: Did Batman ever use thermal vision before (Not counting batman vs predator comics) but if he did it could give him a dead giveaway through the camo but indominus is still way stronger than human and has enough brains to out smart most other creatures so probuly indominus

Bonus: Batman can't do anything really The mosa in jurassic world was 100 feet in length or height(can't remember which) unless you're using the real life version which was only 60 feet in height or length(again can't remember) but still either way they could both probuly swallo him hole as mosasaurs can lift themselves out of the water to catch things or even smash a foe

bottom line don't screw with a mosasaur(Unless you have a machine gun of anykind)

Anyway I would say at the least Round 1 At the most Round 3( I know this was made ages ago and this comment is in 2017 but I don't also sorry for this long as hell comment) :)