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Over Limit's speed amp is compared to Reload on Fire's, a 10x amp, so Over Limit users are 10x faster than in base:

A jet black slash line that split the space vertically instantly severed all those.
It was a single strike that didn't even use the Divine Raiment Reload on Fire or the hidden technique of Drag-Ride control.
Despite that, it could be confirmed from what just happened that the attack was endowed with both heaviness and speed that was incomparable from before.
Singlen fought Yoruka using Over Limit:

"Then allow me to do thisÔöÇÔöÇOver Limit ― On"
Right after Yoruka murmured, Spell Code emerged on Yato no Kami's own armor.
It covered the whole frame without stopping. At the same time the dark colored armor groaned and changed shape. Almost at the same time.
An Abyss' howl thundered from outside the first fortress.
They were simply concentrating their whole attention at the existence of the opponent they ought to defeat who was standing in their way.
"Over Limit? That's strange, how can you use it when it's supposed to be a hidden code?"
More than ten ml ahead of Singlen who was smiling dubiously, Yato no Kami was standing with its shape transformation already finished.
That was because Leviathan was always covered by a membrane of water from its Divine Raiment Leaning, preventing lethal damage.
(ThenÔöÇÔöÇ I have to let out a power that cannot be blocked by that shield of water.)
Like that, Yoruka took distance in order to gather strength for a sure-kill attack. At that moment, her devilish eye that received Baptism read a disquieting wavelength.
A line of death that pierced the left part of Yoruka's body.
She began to leap to the right reflexively, but she didn't make it.
KINN!*, when the high pitched sound of slicing wind that felt like it was piercing the eardrums could be heard, the attack was already over.
"Wh, at? This isÔöÇÔöÇ"
Pakiri*, with that sound, the armor of Mythrildite was lopped off as though it had been severed by a sharp blade.
The water slash Singlen unleashed accomplished that from a distance of 50 meters at minimum.
"Shin Senjin GoukaÔöÇÔöÇMizuchi."
Yato no Kami's left armored arm and one front leg were severed, but the rest were safe.
But, that power easily cut apart the barrier that, although it wasn't deployed at maximum strength, but it was in a strengthened state from Over Limit.
So Singlen scales to Yoruka in Over Limit (as already said on the profile), just that in this moment it only scales to AP when it should also scale to speed.

Lux fought against a clone of Fugil using Over Limit:

"Then I will fight with a worthy strengthÔöÇÔöÇOver Limit ― On!"
Fugil leaped backward, at the same time he put his hand on his Sword Device and pulled it out while focusing in his mind.
Right after that, light particles converged around him and formed a cluster of new machines.
"What the hell is that, that personÔöÇÔöÇ"
Fugil who should be getting ahead step by step until now was brought down into an equal offense and defense before anyone noticed, and finally Lux surpassed him.
Originally after a single action, there would be an opening created in the Drag-Ride's operation without fail. But now the Drag-Ride was operating without any pause endlessly.
Alma was dumbfounded seeing that strange sight from the room's entrance.
"How can, against that monstrous opponent, that kind of……"
On the other side, Aeril smiled and muttered even while concentrating on the operation of taking out the Grand Force.
"That is, because he is the Black Hero. Because he is the existence that you believed in, the real hero. AlsoÔöÇÔöÇsurely that movement is because he finally overcome the effect of Baptism."
"Overcoming, the Baptism……?"
Aeril nodded at Alma's question.
Why did Lux become far stronger than before?
Before that, why was it in these few week his body was weak and feverishÔöÇÔöÇ.
That was the effect of the Baptism that he received more than two weeks ago.
Human was equipped with the function that when their body was tormented, in respond to that the body would evolve by means of Regenerationn.
Broken bone and injured muscle would grow thicker and stronger at the same time with the recovery.
It was strengthened even more by Baptism through administering Elixir, heightening the body function and the five senses.
During the several days of parade, Lux wasn't accustomed to Drag-Ride control and his body got into a bad shape was because his senses couldn't catch up to the drastic change of his body, making him unable to handle his own body.
If the physical ability was strengthened, effective control of Drag-Ride could be realized just as much.
Smoother and more powerful piloting than before.
The attack became infinite combo that pierced through Fugil and Bahamut.
So Lux defeated a clone of Fugil that was using Over Limit and he scales to that (as already is on the profiles), just that in this moment it only scales to AP when it should also scale to speed.

Obviously this means that said Hypersonic+ character would become Massively Hypersonic due to scaling 10x above than they currently do, and this would apply to everyone who scales to either Singlen or New Kingdom arc Lux.
Which statement is the 10x multiplier. More than ten ml ahead of Singlen who was smiling dubiously, Yato no Kami was standing with its shape transformation already finished. I'm not sure if that refers to a multiplier unless ML stands for something.
From reading the OP and along the supporting evidnence from the blog, I think the changes from the OP are reasonable as well.
I think Bambu might just be playing unless he elaborates. Or maybe he plans to drown this in his No's
We don't need to bother him given his workload, though, wouldn't hurt to ask just a few more staff members first. If no one else has any problems any time soon, it could be applied then.
Ok, I contacted Wok, Calaca, I think Weekly too, and none of them has answered. What should I do now?