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Annihilus vs Sasuke Uchiha

Location: Naruto Verse Moon Surface

SoM: IC w/ Intent to Kill

  • Speed Equal
  • 5-B Annihilus is the version here
  • Distance: 30 meters
Who takes it?

Sasuke uchiha boruto naruto the movie by esteban 93-d9r5qln
Annihilus has a major AP advantage here, like stomp-worthy, but the fact he isn't resistant to haxes and that Sasuke resists or counters his best haxes makes this a haxstomp in Sasuke's favor.

And Sasuke is probably more likely to open with his mind hax, too.

I'm going to vote Sasuke, but I'm not sure if this will be closed as a mismatch in one or the other's favor at this point. >_>