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After 25 Years, Ash Ketchum Has Made History


VS Battles
Calculation Group
The VA has no authority over the franchise and its direction. Ash had a goal, and he's achieved it. TPC literally confirmed that. He's the quote "Top trainer in the Pokémon world".

Ash has said multiple times in Journeys that becoming World Champion is another step toward becoming a Pokemon Master. A goal and a dream are different
Ash's Journey has come to a close

I think it's great. I mean, if they are focusing more on Ash's character this is a good way to give closure. Despite Ash becoming champion I did think that having just 1 to 3 episodes of the anime to close the entire Journeys plot threads and then conclude Ash's journey and character of 25 years of anime was too little.
If this is the end of Ash, does that mean the end for Jessie, James and Meowth?

I'm not sure I can be ready to say goodbye for the latter....