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Ulrich 2
Battle of my childhood favorites. No matter w
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang

ho wins, I lose. sigh
Base Aang vs Ulrich, speed equalized.

Battle takes place in Ragnarok's Control Center from Mega Man Zero 4.
This really reminds me of my Yusuke vs Garnet fight. I said nearly the exact same thing. I think this goes to Aang, simply because of versatility, and Avatar State, but I'm not sure.
To be perfectly honest shouldnt Ulrichs feats when going up against a non virtual character be considered invalid? Like Kirito and others, Code Lyoko warriors are still virtual world exclusive characters and it doesnt make any kind of sense to pit them against real world exclusive characters. All of Ulrichs feats while on Lyoko would be considered something like that of game-mechanics, as like all Virtual World fictional characters.

Unless this fight is using Polymorphic Spector Ulrich (who can use his Lyoko powers in real life but arent limited to the mechanics of fighting in the virtual world), I dont see how this fight is even possible.
BruceTheBatman said:
It's called fiction. Fiction does what it wants lol.
Yea lol but i dont see how we can pit stuff like a virtual avatar such as Kirito against a real swordsman such as Zoro when all of Kirito's feats apply to just that, an avatar who is controlled by the real life normal human Kirito.

Ulrichs feats inside Lyoko all abide by a mechanic system, such as life points and damage calculating. How can we use that in a fight against a real life character? It's like trying to use game mechanics in a real debate.

Forgive me if im being rude about this, i just dont see how this comparison can make any kind of sense. Unless you were refering to Ulrichs Polymoprhic Spector form which can use his Lyoko powers in real life without being limited to the virtual world mechanics.
Well, their feats are still building level (probably large building, but I'd have to calc it), so I still think this is a valid matchup.
Oh yea im not denying their feats their still what they are im only pointing out how you are comparing them.

For this fight, how would things work? Would Ulrichs lyoko form be in real life? Or would Aang have to fight him on Lyoko? And if so, will and how will Aang's abiltiies even work since Lyoko has no elemental features?

It's just a confusing matchup is all.