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A Spooky Lil' Ghost vs A Ghost But Not Quite Although It's Still Pretty Close (Spooky vs Talion: 1 MORE VOTE LEFT)

If that is the case, Talion gets within short range and wins. His ranged drain incapacitates the target and applies brand, and if it is allowed here the moment he uses it he wins, since we don't see anything save itself from the drain once it starts. Without mind hax resist Spooky is controlled.
Vote count? Assuming the other votes for Spooky aren't counted because he can resist soul manip now.
Then this is a casual victory for Talion. Like there's pretty much nothing Spooky can do.
The best thing Spooky can do is seperate herself from Talion or isolate him in a room.
Unlikely. Talion takes this easily with soul manip being off the table. Spooky is kind of a one trick pony.
There's still the matter of her powernull and from what we've seen, it doesn't seem that good.
She just says "lol no" and pranks you into not being able to do whatever. Not super useful since she's only done it to running.
She tricked you into believing you have infinite stamina, but in actuality you don't.
Yeahhh, forgot how cocky Spooky is in the game; doesn't help that we never see her fight in the conventional sense.

She would be too busy being amused with the intimidating-looking ghost-like guy to really abuse her powers.

So, I guess I'll vote Talion FRA.

Question, though. Can't Spooky summon the different Specimens to fight her opponents for her?
Didn't she create them?

Which is on her profile?

And we're using 8-A, which is under the assumption she made the mansion.

Summons/creations are totally allowed, which is why Red (Pokémon) isn't a wet noodle as a fighter.
Fight takes place in her mansion, meaning she has access to them
>fight takes place in her mansion

I'm switching back to Spooky.

She just teleports Talion to her specimens/summons them for kicks and giggles, until one of them inevitably kills him.
9-A vs 8-A.

Bruh their as useful as wet toilet-paper in this fight.
He has his fair-share of hax too, and Talion can ressurect.
Talion isn't getting past many of the passive haxes the specimens have.

Ressurecting won't really help you if youre body is taken over biologically, possed by another spirit (lol), BFR'ed, Mindhaxed, EE'd (PASSIVE EE ON TOUCH), I can go on.
Most of these hax would require via contact.

Talion can literally take pot-shots at them because lol AP, he also resists being mindhaxxed and soulhaxxed.
Pot-shots at non-corporeal characters, who passively interfere with his ability to perceive them?
By... making contact with them.

Which would EE him, cause him to be possessed, etc. with, like, half of the specimens.
I.. don't think so?

He can still mindhax only a few meters across via raising his hand as Kait said.
And how often does he do that, compared to when he gets up close to mindhax them?

He also wouldn't be aware of many of the on-contact hax the specimens have.
Teleporting her specimens is, however.

Also, view the video I linked; she can either summon them or teleport the player to them, or teleport them to the player, which is totally combat applicable.
Teleporting Talion IS combat applicable, it's like one of his main abilities.
We're talking about Spooks teleporting Talion, not Talion teleporting himself.
Yes, see the video I linked above.

Although what she does exactly can be debated, the result is the same: Talion having to deal with the specimens.
I thought Spec 9 does that? The player gets sent into its room as soon as it appears.
>inb4 this fight turns into Talion vs Spooky's specimens instead of a fight between the two of them.

Doesn't Talion have info analysis so he can learn which specimen is dangerous? He can just escape them without confronting the ones he can't fight.