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Threat of the CGI Horror Lords (King Ramses vs. Specimen 8)

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The Forgotten, Yet Destined
VS Battles
To those of you familiar with animation, or even art in general, you may have run across the term "uncanny valley" at some point in time. When a piece of art attempts to reflect on the human condition, but lacks a certain kind of emotion or feeling, making it look like the character in question is slightly...off. Not enough to destroy their presence outright, but enough to make staring at them too long uncomfortable. In most mediums, especially when dealing with technology like CGI, this is a trait that is attempted to be avoided at all costs, however there is one particular genre that cultivates the uncanny valley and incorporates it into their design quite often, horror. Take our two combatants today. On one hand, you have flimsy humanoid figure that appears suddenly and casts curses on those who would disturb his tomb and steal a particular slab. On the other hand, you have a looming figure of a humanoid deer skeleton, wearing a cloak filled with the screaming faces of the souls it has consumed previously and softly beckons those he encounters to join them. But which of these purposefully lifeless figures shall win the day in the end? Today, we find out.

In the blue corner, we have King Ramses from Courage the Cowardly Dog, and in the red corner, we have Specimen 8 from Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


  • This is a battle to the death or incapacitation. No holds barred.
  • Neither character are aware of each other beforehand, and there is no prep time.
  • Neither character are allowed any outside help.
  • This battle takes place within Specimen 8's domain in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, giving him the obvious home-field advantage.
  • Speed is equalized.
With all this being said, let the debate begin!

  • Curse Lord: 0
  • Deer Lord: 0
  • Inconclusive: 0
Can Rameses possibly seal another incorporeal entity or is it limited to physical creatures? At the same time, would his abilities still work in Specimen 8's pocket dimension?
King Ramses don't seen to be the type to atacky directly and his sealing is inconsistent at best... his best option would be his last curse, a swarm of locusts, but I don't think it would afect the Deer lord... if both are in character this should be a stomp to Specimen 8
Also worth mentioning, in character King Ramses begins with the curse of Loud Music... which would be useless against the Deer lord

King Ramses starts with the either the flooding or, as was shown multiple times throughout his episode, skips straight to the locusts.
At the beginning of the episode, when he attacked the two bandits, consuming both them and their car.

And at the end when Eustace taunts King Ramses saying he's out of curses, only for Ramses to summon his locusts on him anyway.
At the beginning of the episode, when he attacked the two bandits, consuming both them and their car.

And at the end when Eustace taunts King Ramses saying he's out of curses, only for Ramses to summon his locusts on him anyway.
Hum... Ok, this would still be uselles thanks to the deer lord being incorporeal
Actually, iirc, the locust are his instrument to his Sealing, as we can see with Eustace being attacked as stated before.

Though, this is a very iffy win condition due to his lack of proof of being able to get past Incorporeality.
Probably, if not incredibly decisive in Specimen 8's favor.

Shame, but understandable. I will close this.
Not open for further replies.