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7-C Doubles: Corrin (Fire Emblem) and Anubis (Z.O.E.) vs. Terrarian and Slade (Teen Titans)

No problem - his main power is micro-particles that allow user freely move in compressed space where his power far superior his normal state, and in his base state Anubis casually reflects attack of any type from user who don't have this, so any attack from user who don't have technology of Zero Shift = failure (in character and in fight he even not trying to use it).
I should revive this. Analysis coming soon.
Let's talk advantages on either side.


  • Slade is likely far more intelligent than any other combatant here
  • Slade's intangibility and power null will wreak havoc if used in tandem, as neither foes seem to have Non-Physical
  • An army of demons couldn't hurt
  • If one of their foes dies, be sure they won't be coming back when Terrarian has their soul. Though Corrin negates thus but doesn't seem able to return from death anyways.
  • Corruption of an enemy will be gr8
  • Medusa's Head is a good gg
  • Terrarian's wall of abilities yields at least a few very notable hax- including gravity manipulation and poison to name just a couple
  • Even Terrarian's weapons can be intangible
  • Terrarian can viably give Slade some equipment to give him advantages

  • Teleportation for the both of them
  • Attack Reflection of physical attacks is a good counter
  • Anubis can hack the technology of enemies- meaning a fair amount of Terrarian's info analysis is gone, his guns might be ded'd, and Slade is going to have issues if he does this first
  • While Terrarian resists a lot of Corrin's hax (power null, curse), Slade doesn't and he could be in trouble if Corrin opens with that
  • Power Mimicry allows Corrin to take some of the advantages held by the other team

For now, I'm going Terrarian/Slade with Terrarian heavily carrying the team. Anubis and Corrin both have counters to Slade whereas Terrarian gets only minorly inconvenienced by Anubis and resists Corrin's best stuff.
It is going to end up my favorite team vs. my other favorite team

help me lord
Bambu's summation was basically right on the money. I don't have much else to add, really.

Slade/Terrarian FRA.
Not a vote, but I thought I'd mention that Nohrian Trust actually gives Corrin abilities from his allies (in this case, he'd get some abilities from Anubis up until Anubis is defeated or they stop fighting together for whatever reason)
That's... actually pretty useful here. It doesn't shift my vote since largely it just means Corrin and Anubis bully Slade even more and Terrarian's info analysis is negged twice as much, but that'd be super useful elsewhere.