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  1. Oleggator

    Raz vs Hat Kid.

    So uh, yeah few Rules at first: Equal Speed, End Game Hat Kid is used and Raz is allowed to enter without Psycho-Portal on this match, and Location... Let's say Forsaken City. Raz: Hat Kid: Inconclusive:
  2. Oleggator

    Strong hero is about to kill psychic child, Raz vs Saitama.

    Now after I ended mine main Psychonauts 2 revisions ability wise on Raz let me test it on someone massively stronger than him, kek. So uh, yeah Raz from Psychonauts vs One Punch Man himself Rules: Equal Speed, both are bloodlusted, Real World Raz vs Post-training Saitama that's all what needed...
  3. Oleggator


    So yeah, the sequel have arrived. And we got a lot to work with. First thing first 1. Hax. Raz gets ability to slow down time. As we can see Raz can slow down time of objects, also want to note that later range of it becomes far bigger than a single object. And that Raz can not only slow down...
  4. Oleggator

    I hope it's worth it. Raz vs Ness

    Ok let's try, Rules: Real World Raz vs Late game Ness , For the sake of debate Speed would be equal (despite of Raz maybe having in future speed equal to what Ness have now/will have.), Raz is allowed to enter mind without Psycho-Portal, location would be Onett. Raz: Ness: No...
  5. Oleggator

    Psychonauts/Mental World revisions.

    Ok, so little news, unfortunately when Psychonauts 2 will come out this month I wouldn't be able to play it for a while so you guys would need a bit wait for revisions I'm planning, from preview alone I see good potential upgrades. But before touching those upgrades I should touch something what...
  6. Oleggator

    Raz vs Shovel Knight. The rematch

    Plot is same as here. The difference is raz got a lot of new stuff. Rules: Real World Raz Full access Shovel Knight with armor of chaos Speed is equal Coniferous Forest as location Raz: Shovel Knight: Inconclusive:
  7. Oleggator

    The thing I will do now is probably the dumbest thing ever but let's try. Raz vs Gunvolt.

    Ok, this pretty simple. Gunvolt 1 merged with Joule against Mental World Raz (I hope that would work). Speed wouldn't be equalized(Likely doesn't needed on it). So yeah. Raz now is under some revision with higher speed feat and some little abilities but it shouldn't affect this fight either...
  8. Oleggator

    Another Psychonauts feats thread

    So this is another Raz thread, which would give some pluses and minuses to him(and also would be helpful in future). At first I want begin with the minuses. Downgrade part (which is small actually): No precognition - Shortly saying I f***** up. Here is long saying, "the smart" guy of the verse...
  9. Oleggator

    RaSputin vs RaZputin grace

    Well that's I finding pretty funny because of how Razputin and Rasputin are same tier so I can make this Ra*putin fight. Plot: Instead of his canonical death Rasputin decided to not touch Romanovs and made a plan, to collect Romanov's family in one place to kill them. Later in 80's 31-st...
  10. Oleggator

    Raz bonus abilities.

    Basically the title, after replaying psychonauts, I found some new feats, but that for late, at this moment want to pay attention on some abilities previously not noticed by me. 1. Enhanced Senses - if being more particular, smell and hearing. Raz was able to feel the smell of creature while...
  11. Oleggator

    Welcome to the motherlobe, Psychonauts general discussion thread.

    I decided to make a direct thread with discussion of psychonauts, characters with powers on it, feats and etc. Also there's can be discussed other stuff covering this theme.
  12. Oleggator

    Shovel Knight vs Razputin

    Now then when I finally ended Razputin stats and abilities I can make him fight. Psychonauts got a message that in coniferous forest was found a huge source of Psitanium. Raz got a mission to find that source and report to the others. Meanwhile Shovel knight was traveling at the forest and...
  13. Oleggator

    Razputin revision thread. We're making a sequel.

    The first revision thread is feels fully ended. So I decided to carry over other stuff here. 1. I made a calculation of some feats here. 8B and superhuman as results, and now it was evaluated and accepted. 2. Minor technology manipulation via this. 3. Maybe to put to his type 8 immortality type...
  14. Oleggator

    Ok, it's bigger than I expected, discussion about Razputin from psychonauts. Abilities additions, key changing. Possible stats upgrade.

    So, the thing is, I want to remove his key of when he's in someone's mind(his unknown tier key), cause Raz in mind and Raz outside of the mind are pretty much same. I have a few reasons for it. 1. Trainings: Any time Razputin gets new abilities in game, he makes a practicing inside of someone's...