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ultraman zero

  1. Peter1129

    Ultra Galaxy Fight 3 Revision (Finally 2-C)

    Now that UGF3 is finally out and finished we can now go ahead with the revision. AP So thanks to a recent stream on Ultraman Connection we've got direct confirmation that the UCL storyline is canon to the series. Like it was already implied its canon since it explained how Regulos got captured...
  2. Peter1129

    Ultimate Force Zero ~Side Story~ Revisions

    So basically I found out about the Ultimate Force Zero ~Side Story~ novel for Zero's 10th anniversary and there's quite a bunch of important stuff from the novel. So I decided to make this thread along with some of the other information I found from databooks. And here's the English translation...
  3. Peter1129

    Miscellaneous Ultra Series Revision Part 3 Ability Changes

    So the third part of the Miscellaneous Revision is finally here. Let's get to it Tiering Changes Just a few stuff I missed U-Killersaurus So I kinda forgot about this but normal U-Killersaurus actually only fought the Ultra Brothers at the end of the Showa Era not the Heisei Era. So Base...
  4. Peter1129

    Miscellaneous Ultra Series Revision Part 2 Ultra Physiology Page

    Galaxy Crisis Era Changes Probably should‘ve put this in part one regarding the changes in scaling but I forgot. So I’m doing it in part two along with the physiology instead. So currently the reason Ultras in the Galaxy Crisis Era are 3-A is because of Hikari defeating Armored Mefilas (G) who...
  5. Peter1129

    Miscellaneous Ultra Series Revision Part 1

    So I'm gonna start posting a couple of revisions for the series now. This is just the first part. The next part will probably be ability additions or the physiology page abilities. Multiplier Changes Basically, I recently learned that 何倍も (Nanbaimo) actually means many times rather than...
  6. Peter1129

    Goku vs Zero

    Zero’s profile has finally been updated and I saw that their APs are rather close so here we are Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super): Ultraman Zero (Reiwa): Inconclusive: 7 (Rikimarox2, Mr.Cutlery, Axxtentacle, Tyrano223, ZoroNotZolo, FinePoint, Havok) Both are Low 2-C This is Post-2nd Ultra...
  7. Mr.Cutlery

    Ultraman Zero and Belial revisions.

    Before I scale them up to the next tier, I just wanna play it safe by making this thread first. So yeah, with Orb's profile having been set up, I think it's time I advance Belial and Zero with a new key, where they scale to Orb's last key. Well, it's to be noted that they are stronger, but you...
  8. SunDaGamer

    Destructive lizard vs The Japanese Giant

    Godzilla (Composite) vs Ultraman Zero I've always wanted to do this fight. and now I can do it transformations allowed for both sides 4-B key for Zero (Ultraman X series) speed equalized Godzilla: 7 (Kiryu-MG3, Apex PredatorX, HeadlessKramerGeoff777, Dragopentling, Arceus0x, Eva132...
  9. SunDaGamer

    Ultraman Zero vs Omega Shenron

    Omega Shenron has destroyed the GT universe and is headed towards the Nebula M78 Universe, but before he can get there he is confronted by Zero 3-A keys are used (Ultraman X movie key for Zero) both in character battle takes place in space Zero is allowed all his transformations except from...
  10. Mr.Cutlery

    Spatial Creation

    I think now's a good time to ask before it leaves my head and I forget to do it. But anyway, in one installment of the Ultra Series, Zero assumes Shining Form and creates an alternate realm of unknown size but seems to have it's own time. This is implied as the time inside of the dimension...
  11. Mr.Cutlery

    Ultraman Zero revisions.

    This is going to be one of perhaps a few revisions I will be doing for The Ultra Series. It's going to be simple. Simple. There are a few tweaks I'd like to make to his profile and a truckload of powers that are missing from his Powers and Abilities section. I also feel that there needs to be...
  12. fandom_3DXHD

    Ultraman Zero {4B} VS Son Goku {4B}

    Ultra VS Saiyan Two Earth Protector Clash Battles in Central City Both warrior is not bloodlust Speed is equalized Senario: Ultra zero was travelling around the universe, suddenly an unknown portal sucks him into the dragon ball universe. Confused on where his landed the citizen of central...