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trish (devil may cry)

  1. Palito266

    DMC Hax Revisions 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Good evening yet again, today I will present to you some miscellaneous abilities of DMC that were found by me whilst I was doing a research on a bigger project on the same verse. This should be fairly easy to add anyway, so here it is: - 1) Air Manipulation: The Demon World can cause the air...
  2. Mister6ame6

    Minor Nero Upgrade - DMC

    Well, maybe a minor upgrade for Nero, so lets see how this goes: Low Multiverse level: (After training for one month to get stronger to face Urizen once again, by simply killing demons, he was stated by Nico that thanks to her he have regained his lost strength from his DMC4 self and stated...
  3. Ang4I00

    A few simple and easy Devil May Cry additions[Abilities]

    Pretty much simple addition of some abilities to some Devil May Cry characters: Dante: Invulnerability via Majin Devil Trigger (In near-death experiences Dante can activate his full demonic abilities, allowing him to become imprevious to all attacks, which is consistent with gameplay) Sparda...
  4. CrystalValley

    Devil May Cry Trish High 3-A to Low 2-C Upgrade?

    after all the hype i've heard about DMC over the years, I decided to get into it recently starting with the HD collection. i'm at the end of DMC1 and noticed Trish has a feat of harming base Sparda Dante, which you guys rate as High 3-A to Low 2-C. the link should go to the timestamp...
  5. Lightning_XXI

    New feats, support and re-scalling for DMC Mid Tiers

    Hello guys Once again, everything detailed and explained in my blog Please read carefully, it's long and needs full understanding in order to be discussed
  6. Lightning_XXI

    DMC and OPM clash

    Two monsters in human form fight each other to see...hmm...who's the best monster in human form...yeah - DMC5 Trish, both are 7-B - Speed is equal - Both are in character Trish: 2 Sweet Mask: Inconclusive:
  7. Lightning_XXI

    Lady's speed feats from the Anime, not featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

    Yo ^^ So, currently Lady's speed is listed as High Hypersonic for being capable to fight fodder demons Buuuuut, in the Anime, Lady fights Trish, and yes, Trish is kinda holding back, but uses Lightning Attacks against Lady, and she's capable of dodging them without much effort Here's the...
  8. PrettyFearMachine

    Nora Valkyrie vs Trish (Devil May Cry)

    Alright, here we go. The first RWBY thread, featuring Trish from the Devil May Cry series. Sorry, had to make that joke. Okay... cracks dem Knuckles This is Post-Timeskip Nora, who's charged by her Semblance. Speed is equalized. K.O. via death. Let's go! Nora Valkyrie - 1 (WeeklyBattles)...
  9. Spartacus11315

    Trish's healing factor from the DMC Anime.

    http://i.imgur.com/tjTnNnV.gif It has come to my attention that on Trish's page on this site It does not have her Regenerationn feats from the Anime in her powers and abilities section. Dunno how to scale it. I'll guess a Mid-Low would be appropriate? It took about 2-3 seconds for it to heal...