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the lich (enter the gungeon)

  1. GlaceonGamez471

    (CONCLUDED) [7-0-0] Metal goes Gungeon delving (Metal Sonic vs The Lich)

    Metal Sonic vs The Lich Modern Neo Metal Sonic and Low 4-C Lich are used, speed is equalized, SBA otherwise Señor Starfish-head: 7 (ShakeResounding, Peppersalt43, Gilad_Hyperstar, Theuser789, Mariogoods, Tonygameman, GlaceonGamez471) The Gungeon Master: 0 Incon: 0
  2. Schnee_One

    The Lich vs Samus

    I really don't have any chill today, but eh, this was after one of Bambi's Favs was tossed at mine so fitting timing. Speed is Equal and Low 4C for both (Duh) Samus Ara: The Lich: 3
  3. GyroNutz

    Gruntilda vs The Lich

    Resurrecting old spam to fight the rising odds. Both are in their 8-A versions (Mecha Gruntilda is being used) and speed is equalized. Who wins and why? Gruntilda: The Lich: Inconclusive: 4
  4. Bionicleboy3000

    A Farewell to Arms update

    These articles are out of date; I think the last content update it accounted for was Gungeons and Draguns. We're on A Farewell to Arms now, and some things worth mentioning are missing. Particularly, The Lich's true identity is now known; he used to be The Gunslinger, who becomes a playable...
  5. Mr. Bambu

    Enter the Gungeon: Official AP Revision

    Preface This CRT aims to upgrade Enter the Gungeo from 8-B and 8-A to 5-A/High 5-A and Low 4-C with a single 4-A being. This is based on a handful of facts in the verse that I believe solidify this as a rating more-so than on-screen basic feats. Changes Attack Potency The big one. Let's look...
  6. The_Smashor

    Gunvolt vs The Lich: The Azure Striker Enters the Gungeon

    This is a nice thematic fight, so why not? Rules: Speed Equalized. This is 2nd key Gunvolt vs 8-A Lich AP: 119.502868069 tons AP: 453.44 tons Gunvolt: The Lich: Inconclusive:
  7. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    The Lich Ability and Key addition

    So in the Farewell to arms update a new playable character is added called The Gunslinger. He is implied to be the Lich before he became the master of the gungeon. https://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/The_Gunslinger here's a wiki article with the details of his story. if this is true it means...
  8. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Kel'Thuzad vs The Lich

    lmao you got ******* b8ed SBA, speed equalized. Lich (DotA 2): The Lich (Enter the Gungeon):
  9. The_Smashor

    Lich revision

    Wouldn't The Lich being defeated be an Inconclusive since both characters are BFR'd (The Lich to Bullet Hell and whoever he's fighting leaves the Gungeon despite the time rewind). I'm probably missing something, but I'm pretty sure nobody's really mentioned this.
  10. Flashlight237

    Bringing a Knife Into a Gunfight (Jack vs Lich)

    Let's say on Jack's search for a way back into the past, he hears word of a portable time machine in the form of a bullet called "Bullet That Can Kill The Past." Suspicious of these rumors, Jack went into the gungeon itself. As one would expect from a guy like him, Jack plowed through the whole...
  11. The_Smashor

    The Lich vs Zonda. ASG has an 8-B key now, let's have some fun.

    Zonda vs The Lich. Rules: Composite Reverie Zonda vs 8-B Lich. Speed Equalized. Both are bloodlusted and have prior knowledge. Battle takes place in the Gungeon. Zonda: The Lich: Inconclusive:
  12. Ricsi-viragosi

    Eternal suffering, The Lich vs Sad Larry

    ... What am I doing? The Lich (Enter the Gungeon): 7 Sad Larry: 0
  13. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    The Lich vs Kenshi

    I could not wait. Speed equalized, using their 8-B forms here. The Lich (Enter the Gungeon) - Kenshi - Inconclusive - 1 (Bambu)
  14. Yobo_Blue

    Colossatron vs The Lich

    Been a while since I've used snake boi Colossatro vs The Lich (Enter the Gungeon) Colossatron is 8-B, as well as The Lich SBA Speed Equal Who wins? The Lich: 1 (Mr. Bambu) Colossatron: Inconclusive:
  15. Peter1129

    Battle for strongest 8-B: Misogi Kumagawa vs The Lich

    Kumagawa vs The Lich Speed Equalized Misogi Kumagawa: 7 (Gargoyle One, Agnaa, Iaptus the Impaler, RM97, Lancer45Man, Tman766, Mr. Bambu) The Lich (Enter the Gungeon): Inconclusive:
  16. Litentric_Teon

    An Undead Phantom!? (Danny Phantom vs The Lich)

    8-A Forms Danny is wearing Clockwork's Time Medalion. Speed is equalized. Who wins!? The Phantom: 0 The Undead: 0 Inconclusive: 7 (LordGriffin1000, Mr. Bambu, Phoenix821, ZackMoon1234, Phoenixstorm9, Udlmaster, TISSG7Redgrave)
  17. Litentric_Teon

    The Burning Bullet! (The Lich vs Sanura Williams)

    8-A forms (Sanura is in her fire form) Starting distance is 30 meters. Speed is equalized. Who wins!? Flame of Judgment: 0 Rewinding Bullet: 0 (Props to anyone who gets the reference in the title)*
  18. Litentric_Teon

    A Game Called Bullet Hell! (The Lich vs Han Jee-Han)

    8-A forms. Starting distance is 25 meters. Speed is equalized. Location: Bullet Hell Who wins!? Gaming Nerd: 1 (Xtasyamphetamine) Undead Gunslinger: 2 (Mr. Bambu, Schnee)
  19. PrettyFearMachine

    The Lich (Enter the Gungeon) vs Black Panther (Marvel Comics)

    Another match where I know absolute jack about both characters. Oh well... Speed is equal, of course. The Lich - 0 Black Panther - 0
  20. Mr. Bambu

    Power Null Worked Before: Nega-Chin vs The Lich

    Power null seems to be a good answer to The Lich and a potential incap aside from the handful of 8-B/8-A "lolresurrection" people. So let's try this route. This match makes no sense other than in the context of finding good 8-Bs/8-As to try to incap the Lich. Speed is equalized, fight is in...
  21. Mr. Bambu

    Into Hell: Dante Alighieri vs The Lich

    Just noticed Dante is 8-B and thematically fits perfectly with Lich, as well as seemingly has a method if temporarily incapping Lich (absorbing soul, if only temporarily). So I hope this isn't a stomp! Dante is found wandering the Gungeon searching for hell when he is pulled in by the Lich...
  22. Mr. Bambu

    The Gunslinger vs The Doctor

    No idea about this character, I see some decent hax on his page so I don't think this is a stomp. The Lich vs Franken Stei. Speed is unequalized for now since they're both High Hypersonic. Fight takes place in Bullet Hell to start with, otherwise SBA. Who wins and why? The Lich: 7 (Gargoyle...
  23. Schnee_One

    The Lich vs The Assasin (One more)

    One of these records will break, and the world will burn in result. Speed is Equal, 8B Eversor assasin has no Low 5B stuff aside from his Suicide Bomb, of course, 8B Lich, battle takes place in the gungeon (Obv) Eversor Assasi: The Lich: 6
  24. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Ereskigal vs The Lich (EtG) (Concluded)

    Let's see if reading a four book series in one weekend pays off, eh? Ereskigal vs The Lich (Enter the Gungeon) (8-A versions) Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED Risky's AP: 807 tons The Lich's AP: 453.44 tons
  25. DMUA

    The Lich vs Thunder McQueen

    After seeing Lich generally be full of forkery I decided this was required Speed Exists I guess Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions The Lich (Enter the Gungeon): Thunder McQuee: Inconclusive McQueen:
  26. DMUA

    Psylocke vs The Lich (Enter the Gungeon)

    Requested to be made by [REDACTED], blame them if it's a stomp I dunno anyone involved in this ordeal. Speed Equalized Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Psylocke: The Lich (Enter the Gungeon): Inconclusive: 7 (Mr. Bambu, Arrogant Schmuck, Uninow, Jimboydejuan12, Xtasyamphetamine, Steven...
  27. MrKingOfNegativity

    Tchernobog VS The Lich

    I'm probably going to regret this one, but I don't care. Battle of the supernatural 8-A shooting game bosses. Speed is equalized. Otherwise SBA. Tchernobog (Blood): 0 The Lich (Enter the Gungeon): 0 Inconclusive: 4 (Mr. Bambu, DMUA, Gargoyle One, Phoenixstorm9)
  28. DMUA

    MrKing whispers atrocites into my ear and I listen: The Lich (Enter the Gungeon) vs Caleb (Blood [for the blood God])

    Well, MrKing told me on my wall this should happen, so it's done diddly darn happened. Speed Equalized Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions The Lich (Enter the Gungeon): 8 (Mr. Bambu, Gargoyle One, DarkDragonMedeus, Arrogant Schmuck, Phoenixstorm9, ZackMoon1234, Axl233 and...
  29. Mr. Bambu

    Undead Defiance: The Jammed vs The Vengeful

    Alex Mercer, in an attempt to undo his past, goes to the Gungeon to seek the Gun That Can Kill The Past. To do so, he must defeat the Lich, Immortal Master of the Gungeon. Alex Mercer (Prototype 1) vs The Lich. Alex Mercer's non-canon DLC abilities are restricted, speed is equalized, and the...
  30. Mr. Bambu

    Battle of the Damned: The Ninja versus The Lich (8-B Tournament)

    Scorpio vs The Lich- two warriors damned to hell for all eternity. Gotta fight to see who will go on. First fight in the 8-B Tournament going o. Speed is equalized, characters are bloodlusted, aside from that, SBA applies. Immortality Type 4 is restricted due to stompage even though the god...