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the guyver

  1. Newendigo

    Living Laser Vs Guyver I

    Tllmb recommended me Living Laser, this better be a fair match Rules: Speed: Equal Key: Guyver Exceed / Photon Form Living Laser Place: Tokyo, japan. 100 meters from each other Mindset: In-character but willing to kill. Victory: Win by any means. Living Laser: Guyver I:
  2. Xx.davidparra

    Iron Man vs. The Guyver

    Both High 6-A Stark's first key Sho's first key SPEED EQUALIZED Who wins and why? Iron Man (Marvel Comics) : 7 Sho Fukamachi :
  3. KevJii

    Alkanphel vs. Mewtwo

    Who wins? _____________________________________________________________________________ Rules: • Both at 5-B • Base Mewtwo is used • Alkanphel gets the Ultimate Weapon • SBA everything else.
  4. Schnee_One

    Mechs vs Conduits: Sho Fukamachi vs John White

    Sorry New, but I finally found someone worthy to fight. Speed is Equalized, 5C Guyver and Beast. Sho Fukamachi: John White: 1
  5. Newendigo

    Guyver I Vs Gurren Lagann.

    Yep, the third match (Technically fourth) that I do with Guyver, since the last one was two months ago. Now this time he will face another Armored-Red-Black-Giant. Rules: Speed: Equal. Forms: Gigantic Guyver Exceed /Post-Time Skip Gurren Lagann. Distance: 10 Km. Battleground: Nevada...
  6. Newendigo

    Sho Fukamachi Vs Ryuko Matoi (Reboot).

    I'm going to try it again, hope that this get a little bit of more attention than before... Rules: Speed: Equal. Forms: Gigantic Guyver / Senketsu Kirasagi Distance: About 5 km. Places: Nearly close to Guayanas, 4pm. Stated of mind: In-character but willing to kill, not pre-knowledge...
  7. Newendigo

    Boros Vs Guyver I (Sho Fukamachi)

    Bump (This should end up quickly I think). Boros comes to earth and start to make a mess with the lifes of thousand of innoncent people. Every single chance by the heros to stop him is useless, and god know where Saitama is to one-slap him to the oblivion. While the alien was making the city...
  8. Nephillim99

    Red Son Superman vs Guyver I

    In-character Battles takes place in the Russian Tundra Full Prior Knowledge given to both sides 1 hour prep for both Both at Peak
  9. Tivanenk

    Guyver Upgrades

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Tivanenk/ZX-Tole_Ultimate_Blaster_Tempest I posted a calc of ZX-Tole's Ultimate Blaster Tempest. This would affect the verse as a whole, because even if it was a final, suicide attack, this guy is still only a mid tier who had his attack overwhelmed...
  10. TheArcosian

    Guyver Universe possible update?

    I was watching the Guyer 2005 anime and i have finished reading the Manga (Ongoing) and when i go to the Speed stats or Tier of some Guyver Characters in this Wikia I think that cant be right must be wrong as an example: I think that Archanfel should be higher a 5-B (destroyed a Meteorite which...
  11. ShinyMagicalGirl

    Lord Boros (One Punch Man) takes on The Guyver Verse

    Boros ends up in The Guyver Verse. He fights them all from weakest to strongest, one on one. He gets fully healed after each fight. He starts off with his armor. Does he clear? Bonus round: The Darkmatter Pirates (All crew members) invade The Guyver verse. Do they successfully defeat them all?