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Guess is the time.

Physically, they are equal, albeit Tony power up by absoring energy so the use of Head Beam and specially Mega Smasher are going to backlash Sho pretty bad, Sonic Buster and Gravity Cannon should do the range job for him.

Sho can ignore durability in close with HFB while Tony can do it at range with Repulsor Energy. Although his Low-High can for him fight back against disintegration by coming from the Control Medal, Stark will eventually spot the Medal, scan it, deduce that is the source of his healing, and blast Sho with a ship-sized repulsor.

In terms of combat prowess, definitly Tony; Higher fighting experience and higher variety of opponents, better intelligence and training, Sho is not slouch but he lacks time, his fighting style relies mostly on improvised thing such as wrestling and using range attacks when the enemy do so; is not defined.

IM 8/10.