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the captain

  1. LordGinSama

    Hellsing: Upgrades

    This has been a long time coming, now let's get to work on updating these booty profiles. Big thanks to the goat @CloverDragon03 for pumping out two calculations which were essential for the verse. The scaling As mentioned above, two calcs were released recently with both providing nice...
  2. Dargoo_Faust

    Post Downgrade: DIO vs. Alucard (Grace)

    Eh, AP/Dura Gap probably won't mean anything due to Alucard's regen. Both have hax that can end the match, so I doubt that this is a stomp. If it is a stomp, I'll switch to base Part III or Part I Dio as needed. Since this matchup is somewhat controversial, I'll close this the moment I smell of...
  3. Whitetiger789

    The Captain (Hellsing Ultimate) vs. Incognito (Hellsing 2001)

    The battle takes place in London, and neither can have help from others.
  4. DatBoyNorbit

    Raiden (Metal Gear) Vs. The Captain (Hellsing)

    Both in character Both in 8-B forms Winner via Death or Incapacitation Standard battle assumptions Ripper mode restricted fight takes place in an open field
  5. Legion350

    Savitar vs The Captain

    Savitar vs The Captai Speed is equalized 8-B versions are being used Savitar: 0 The Captain: 2
  6. HellFire707

    Pack Mentality; Bigby Wolf vs. The Captain

    Author's Note (IMPORTANT!): A higher tier character cannot always beat a character with lower tier, especially if their power levels are close to each other. Another thing, so little is known about The Captain, I have also proposed my own theories about his past into this. (For awesomeness, the...
  7. Tarkatower

    Walter C. Dornez vs. The Captain

    Walter is in his vampire form. He has ten minutes before his body starts regressing.
  8. Tarkatower

    Alucard vs The Captain

    Alucard is at Level 0, but he cannot use his ghoul familiars. He fights alone. The Captain is fully transformed into a werewolf. Both monsters are bloodlusted with intent to kill. Who wins?
  9. Tarkatower

    Anderson vs The Captain

    Alexander Anderson starts hunting the last werewolf in Hellsing. Scenario 1: Base Anderson vs. Base Captai Scenario 2: Nail Anderson vs Werewolf Captai Fight takes place in a London city block. Both are bloodlusted. Who wi
  10. ConsumingFire

    Warwick vs The Captain

    Warwick from League of Legends faces The Captai from Hellsing. No prep. Victory via KO or death. Distance 300 meters. Fight takes place in the Black Forest in Germany at night. Current Votes, Warwick: 0 The Captain: 0
  11. Thebluedash

    Lucy Heartfilia vs The Captain

    Round 1: Speed is not equliazed Round 2: Speed equalized
  12. Thebluedash

    THREE WAY: Sanji (Enies Lobby/Thriller Bark/Sabaody Arc) vs Mercury Black vs The Captain

    Who will win in this fight? Start: Mercury lances forward at the Captain thinking that he was a worthy opponent, The Captain blocks the attack, Sanji aims for them both and misses, as they both try to attack him he does not get hit, he almost did.