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slenderman (slender)

  1. Vyfourthaccount

    The Shape faces off The Slenderman (8-0-0) (GRACE)

    Rules: Match takes place on haddonfield at night Slendy have prior knowledge about Michael both start 20 Meters away from each other speed equalized Green timeline is used Michael gets all of his 1978 feats as well the ones from 2018-2022 SBA for everything else Slenderman: 8 (@JustANormalLemon...
  2. EnnardTrap1987

    Shouldn't Slenderman have 4th Wall Awareness?

    In Slender: The Arrival, if you do the free roaming glitch where Slenderman can't attack you; it backfires and Slenderman kills you with the death message: "Not even a bug in this game will save you from me." seen in this video.
  3. Buttersamuri

    Slenderman vs Creepy Thin Man

    Ahh, Yea. They are Tall, Pale, Thin, and Creepy. They both wear suits. This fight had to happen Speed is equal Who wins and why? Creepy Thin Ma: Slenderman (Slender): Inconclusive/Draw:
  4. Omnificence

    What is Slender's speed?

    I've been doing some research on deciding what Slender's speed should be, and I've recently come across a certain webpage displaying the abilities of The Slender Man. The start of the second paragraph caught my attention: "Some of his movement abilities include teleportation, Slenderwalking...
  5. Dusty_Raider

    Skinny dude fights a giant monster.

    Yesterday my friends and I were talking and I brought up vs debates. Since they are fans of creepyastas and My Hero Academia, I told them about the Slender v Nomu fight someone made (I didn't know Nomu was upgraded since) and then made a joke about Showa Godzilla being in the same tier as...
  6. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Slenderman (Slender) downgrade and additions

    So....lets get started: Attack Potency Caused a town sized forest to catch fire instantly, and covered a good chunk of said burning forest with his tendrils. Covered much of an island with his tendrils in one of the DLC levels The fire is Environmental Destruction and the tendrils are just...
  7. Overlord775

    Giant Enderman vs Slenderman

    Both 7-C and speed equalized Giant Boi: 0 Tentacles Boi: 2 (Christian, Dusty) Inconclusive: 0
  8. Jinsye

    Slenderman vs. Terrarian

    The Terrarian is looking for supplies, more can't hurt can it? They've also been meaning to check out this strange forest so it's killing two birds with one stone. As they entered the forest, it was pretty eerie but it was nothing threatening. The Terrarian eventually found a note, stuck on a...
  9. The_Wright_Way

    Slenderman vs. Noumu

    Tomura scratched at his neck in irritation as he marched through the dark forest, Noumu close behind. He had a feeling he'd been stalked recently. Quick glimpses of a man out of the corner of his eye, shadows that didn't belong to him but vanished before he could investigate. He'd even caught...
  10. The_Wright_Way

    All Might vs Slenderman (Slender)

    All Might stood facing the cheering crowd as he posed triumphant over the defeated villain. "Thank you! Thank you! You're all to kind! It's all in a days work for the Campion of Peace." "Excuse me! Mr. All Might, sir." Said a blonde woman approaching him. Judging by her attire and accent, All...
  11. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Slenderman (Slender) vs The White King (The Creepypasta Collection)

    Slenderman (Slender) vs The White King (The Creepypasta Collection) Rules: SBA Results: Slender: King: 2 Inc:
  12. The_Wright_Way

    Composite Slenderman profile

    How would people feel about a Composite Slender profile. There are countless iterations throughout The Slender Mythos and when people refer to the character they tend to speak in a general sense. Not to mention, I've already seen a match involving a hypothetical Composite Slenderman so there's...
  13. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Why does Slenderman (Slender) have necromancy?

    Just wondering cause if his proxies are undead then why does Kate (Slender) not have Immortality (Type 7)? Also what proof is there that the proxies are undead?
  14. Jizzsmith

    Dracula (Bram stoker) vs slenderman (slender the arrival)

    Both at 7-C Speed equalized Who wins
  15. The_gaming_master666

    Who can beat slenderman(composite)?

    As the title says Who do you think can beat slenderman?
  16. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) vs. Slenderman (Slender)

    Two infamous child murderers in the horror genre who are both 7-C go head-to-head in a duel to the death. Fight starts out in the Dream World but can switch to the forest if Freddy gets forced out by Slenderman. Dream World and Real World Freddy only with speed equalized and no prep. Freddy...
  17. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Slenderman fights a dragon

    Slenderman (Slender) vs Smaug Speed is equalized Fight takes place in a forest
  18. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Slender vs Mutant

    Yes, at first glance it seems like a major stomp for Slenderman, but if you see all of the Mutant's Hax, it seems much closer Slenderman (Slender) vs Composite Mutant (X-Men Destiny) CM has all of its abilities Battle takes place in the Slender Forest Both are bloodlusted
  19. Hyper_Anon

    Frisk vs Slender

    vs Two assexual iconic video game characters Frisk is searching for the 8 pages until it runs into Slenderman. Speed is equalized Both are 7-C
  20. Omnificence


    I was wanting to know, why was page has been protected to prevent editing? Did I add something wrong or incorrect to it? Was I doing too many edits?
  21. TheLuffyPlayer

    A faceless guy fights against a clown

    Yeah, Slenderman vs Pennywise... > Both at 7-C > Speed Equalized Who wins and why? Slendy: Penny: 7 (Stefano4444, MrKingOfNegativity, VersusJunkie54, HeadlessKramerGeoff777, Vizorus69, Larry.z.eata and Starter Pack) Inconclusive:
  22. The_Wright_Way

    Wait, you're not an enderman.

    Steve vs. Slenderman. 7-C Steve vs. Slenderman (Slender) Speed Equalized. vs.