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rivals of aether

  1. Jinx666

    Palafin vs Orcane (Pokemon vs Rivals of Aether)

    Palafin (2.935-4.174 Gigatons) vs Orcane (2.326 Gigatons of TNT) Palafin starts in Hero Mode Speed Equalized Starting Distance: 20 Meters Location: Beach Palafin: Orcane: Inconclusive:

    Orcane vs Blastoise

    Orcane VS Blastoise RULES: Teleportation is limited to 10 feet Speed is equalized Battle takes place in a generic Pokemon Arena Orcane: Blastoise: Incon:
  3. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    High 7-A Tournament Round 1, Match 6 (Sylvanos VS Yugo)

    Let the tournament begin! Both are High 7-A, obviously (After Touching the Eliacube Yugo is used here. Anything above High 7-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Sylvanos (Rivals of Aether): Yugo (Wakfu): Inconclusive:
  4. First_Witch

    High 7-A Bracket Round 9 (Kragg vs Link)

    Round 9 of the High 7-A Bracket beginns! The 2 fighters are Kragg and Link The battle takes place in a sealed off Central Park, both combatants start 20 meters apart. Kragg: Link: 7
  5. First_Witch

    High 7-A bracket Round 1 (Kragg vs Blade)

    Round 1 of the High 7-A Bracket beginns! The 2 fighters are Kragg and Blade The battle takes place in a sealed off Central Park, both combatants start 20 meters apart. Kragg: 2 Blade: 5
  6. HeartLock

    Rivals of Aether: Another character's profile page update

    I know Ori profile page will be updated when OATWOTW come out but there's are a few things that should be added such as the ability form the Ability Tree in the game and the Definitive Edition
  7. Assaltwaffle

    Two Trees Kill Each Other: Tree Rex vs Sylvanos

    So, a Tree Giant vs a Tree Dog. So, both are similar in nature with similar powersets. Rules: Speed Equalized Standard Battle Assumptions So, which Tree Wins? Can the giant punch out the dog, or will the rageful heart cause the walking tree's heart to stop beating? Let me know! Tree Rex: 0...
  8. Assaltwaffle

    Overused vs Underused: Ichigo vs Kragg

    One of the most overused characters here vs a character who has never been in a VS Battle. So let's see how the rock beetle stacks up to the demon guy. Rules: Ichigo is Bankai trained Ichigo has Bankai Speed Equalized (Far more than 10x difference) Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins and...
  9. Assaltwaffle

    Life Fiber Mom walks her dog: Ragyo Kiryuin vs Sylvanos

    A psychopathic thread woma has to get control of her psychopathic plant dog. This may not go too well... Rules: Speed Equalized (Why isn't this a default) Both in character Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins and why? Can the Mad Heart of the Forest obliterate Ragyo, or can the Life Fiber...
  10. Assaltwaffle

    A JoJo Reference: Jonathan Joestar vs Clairen

    A Vampire Slayer has a run-in with Fire's Last Hope. Can't think of a scenario in which these two would fight each other, but let's roll with it. Rules: Speed Equal Standard Battle Assumptions So who wins this? Can the original JoJo punch the furry Lucina time traveling hero out, or can the...
  11. Assaltwaffle

    Agni Kai: Fire Lord Ozai vs Clairen

    Fire Lord Ozai is leading fire down a dark path, and it is up to Fire's Last Hope to challenge him to an Agni Kai and put a stop to his terror. Rules: Speed Equalized Both In-character Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins this? Can the plasma panther from the future stop Ozai? Or will the...
  12. Assaltwaffle

    Quantifying a feat: Burning a Town

    In Rivals of Aether, Zetterburn is able to go on a rampage that nearly burns down Water Town while trying to get to Merchant Port. Here is a picture of some of the burning caused by Zetterburn. For reference, here is the map of Aether. Merchant Port, in the lower-middle is a small portion of...
  13. Assaltwaffle

    Dragons and Plasma: Genji vs Clairen

    A Dragon Ninja vs a Plasma Panther. Looks like Clairen has Genji confused for her target, so these two have to duke it out. And yes, this is a Building level+ vs Large Building level matchup. Both are High 8-C now, thanks to upgrades. Speed Equalized Both In-Character Who wins this and why...
  14. Assaltwaffle

    A Shocking Encounter: Absa vs High Templar

    A Genius Lightning Goat vs a Genius Lightning Alie. Eh, why not? Rules: High Templar CANNOT use Psionic Storm Standard Battle Assumptions Yeah, that's right. Speed unequal. Figured it shouldn't be too colossal of a blitz, with 20 m/s vs 80 m/s combat speed. Who wins and why? Absa: 1...
  15. Assaltwaffle

    Storm Brewing: Aang vs Absa

    The Avatar of the elements fights a genius lightning goat. Looks like Absa took over Aang's people's mountains; that's a problem. Both start with A, both elemental users, both paragons of their people. Let's see who can beat the other. Rules: Speed Equalized Season 3 Aang Standard Battle...