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  1. Arkenis

    Psyren P&A Addition

    Had this done for a while but never applied it. Here I am, finally updating the verse (pages are awful) Alright so this is going to go over P&A and the speed they should have at the end of the series. Ageha Yoshina Asuka Yoshina Miroku Amagi
  2. Xxiaa

    Mithra (Psyren) potential star level upgrade?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mithra_(Psyren) Currently we have Mithra at 5-B for being one with Quat Nevas who is said to have traversed the skies devouring planets. I recently found the RAWS on the official Shonen jump plus for Japan and thought why not make a CRT. I will be including...
  3. Cazzly09

    Sakurako Amamiya vs Soo-oh

    Sakurako Amamiya vs Soo-oh Speed equalized Starting distance: 10 meters Who win?
  4. Cazzly09

    Ageha Yoshina vs Judar

    Ageha Yoshina vs Judar (Both were 50 meters apart, fight takes place in Psyren and speed was equalized.) Who win?
  5. Xxiaa

    Minor Psyren CRT

    Started reading Psyren when the explanation for PSI came up. It appears to be very minor reality warping via imagination. This is all viz translation btw Psi is described as “The power to transform ideas into reality” and “You can make your thoughts reality” twice in the same scan. We even...
  6. Litentric_Teon

    Fire of Dark ascends a Tree of Light (Meliodas vs Miroku Amagai)

    I'm a bit curious about this one. Hopefully it's a good one. Low 6-B forms. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place at WISE headquarters in Psyren. Starting distance is 25 meters. Who wins!? Demon: 0 Psychicer: 0
  7. Paulo.junior.969

    Grana Vs Izuku Midoriya

    Both at 8-C, Speed is equal Grana: 2 (Jackythejack, Litentric Teon) Izuku Midoriya: 2 (Yobo Blue, Stillwinston) Inconclusive: 0
  8. Litentric_Teon

    Almighty Vampire vs Almighty Psycher

    Low 6-B forms. Speed is equalized. Starting distance is 50 meters. Fight takes place in the Psyren drift (A place where sunlight is hidden with dark clouds) at WISE's headquarters. Who wins!? Almight Light Psycher: 0 Almighty Vampire: 0 (*Note, only reason this should be fair is due to...
  9. The_King_of_Prudence

    Miroku Amagi versus Kawarino

    Both 8-C, speed equalised. Miroku Amagi: Kawarino: Inconclusive:
  10. Litentric_Teon

    A monster girl faces down the tree of life.

    Here's hoping this is fair. I don't have many 8-C characters. Anyhow, the battle takes place on a random street in some city. There's no people around so Miroku can't do any of his regen shenanigans. Starting Distance is 5 meters. Speed is equalized. Chelshia is about 0.55 tons (2x baseline)...
  11. Litentric_Teon

    Vampire vs Esper

    Low 6-B Forms. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in the Psyren drift (Sunlight is blocked out by large clouds as it is lethal to the tavoo that inhabit it). Starting Distance is 20 meters. Who wins!? Vampire: 6 (LSirLancelotDulacl, Ciruno Fortes, Agnaa, JackytheJack, Dargoo Faust, Sayo...
  12. Litentric_Teon

    Doors of Darkness (Ageha Yoshina vs Karaka)

    Welp, here we go. Crossing my figners here. Low 6-B forms. Ageha can enter Nova as needed. Speed is equalized. Starting Distance is 20 meters. Battle takes place in Psyren drift in some random desert. Door: 0 Darkness: 0
  13. Litentric_Teon

    Body vs Mind (Ha Yuri Zahard vs Amamiya Sakurako)

    Here's the Low 6-B one I was talking about in this thread. Hopefully it's fair. Two of the main females from their respective series. Low 6-B forms. Speed is equalized. Starting distance is 10 meters. White Rabbit: 7 (VindictiveLoser, GargoyleOne, Iapitus the Impaler, Enryu The Red Tower...
  14. Litentric_Teon

    Gun High! (Yusuke Urameshi vs Kyle Tenjuin)

    Fight takes place in a random desert in Psyren. Low 6-B forms. Speed is equalized. They start 50 meters apart. Who wins! Yusuke Urameshi: 7 (YungManzi, RolyPolyDuctTape, TacticalNuke002, DarkDragonMedus, Antoniofer, GyroNutz, RotofBots) Kyle Tenjui: 2 (Hizack123, DMUA) "Don't bother with...
  15. Litentric_Teon

    Divine Light vs Solar Light! (Park Mu-Jin vs Grana)

    Fight takes place in the God of Highschool arena, at night Speed is equalized Starting distance is twenty meters apart. Low 6-B versions. Who wins! Grana: 0 Park Mu-Ji: 0 Wielder of the Holy Grail The Almighty Light Psychicer
  16. Litentric_Teon

    Strings vs Scythes (Donquixote Doflamingo vs Sakurako Amamiya)

    Fight takes place at W.I.S.E headquarters in Psyren Drift. Low 6-B forms Speed is equalized Starting distance is 10 meters. Donquixote Doflamingo: 4 (Gargoyle One, Veloxt1r0kore, Risci-viragosi, ABoogieYesSir) Sakurako Amamiya: 0 Time limit on the Nova form is removed. The bunny with a...
  17. Litentric_Teon

    Potential Psyren Updates

    Hello all. I have recently posted a calc: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Litentric_Teon/Psyren_Frederica%27s_Flame_Shot That could potentially give solid tiers to the high, top, and god tiers in the Psyren verse. In addition, I have a scan here where the 4th Star Commander, known...
  18. Monarch_Laciel

    Alien Queen VS Miroku Amagi

    Alien Quee Base Amagi Speed Equalised Start in New York Times Square (populated) Win by incap, death or BFR
  19. Akiretsu

    Ageha Yoshina vs Kakashi Hatake

    Location: Forrest Of Death SoM: Intent to Kill Base Ageha (Can Use Everything but Nova) War Arc Kakashi (w/ Left Sharingan)