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mass-energy conversion feats

  1. Epyriel

    New Black Hole Creation Feat Formula Proposal

    I would like to propose a newly derived formula to be used for scaling black hole creation feats in cases where it has not been sufficiently substantiated that the black hole was constructed by directly creating the requisite mass from energy (and thus qualify for use of Einstein’s Mass-Energy...
  2. Oliver_de_jesus

    Can this type of Feats/Calcs be staked?

    Basically when someone converts humans into energy, this results in a High 7-A level aka 1.3317853728489483789 Gigatons but If someone converts several people and you absorb them (say 4 people), shouldn't the value be staked for the people absorbed?
  3. Is the mass-energy conversion unique to the creation of matter?

    I have a question regarding "Mass-energy conversion feats" to calculate the feats, these can only be done if they are created by matter, for example, creating something with infinite mass, therefore it has infinite energy, which scales it to high 3A, or it can also be scaled by another type of...
  4. Oliver_de_jesus

    transform an entire planet into energy?

  5. Oliver_de_jesus

    Max Steel CRT Number 1

    Some time ago Ant asked me why the Max level varies so much, so I told him that I am working on a Blog to answer this, it is ready: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Oliver_de_jesus/Max_Steel_Explained Well, keep in mind that all this means that apart from the verse having a defined...
  6. GilverTheProtoAngelo

    Matter and Energy Conversion hax.

    Matter Manipulation So there are various kinds of matter manip...like molecular bind breaking, atomic bond breaking, transmutation......and and then all the quantum stuff for more intricate stuff. Energy Manipulation. This also has various usages.....but one I am focusing on is this...
  7. Mariogoods

    Creation Feats

    Antvasima has allowed me to post this issue on staff forum, so I'll describe this. In DebateJungle, I have seen the page https://debatesjungle.fandom.com/wiki/Creation_vs_Destruction. The wiki holds that creation feats = destruction feats. Creation feats are not necessary equalized to Stability...
  8. Danny1112

    When is mass-energy conversion considered in a feat

    Need help on these please
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    How powerful is this?

    A character directly compares his teleportation to E=mc^2, where m is the mass of the things being teleported, and the total energy is multiplied by the distance travelled in meters. The character is then has to teleport six people, including himself (three 18 yo girls, three 18 yo boys), and...
  10. Kepekley23

    Our current black hole formula

    Where does this formula: Solar Mass * GBE = GBE of the Black Hole Come from? This seems laughably iffy, if you excuse me, and plenty of people agree with me on this one. We should use the radius formula, invert that to find mass, and then put it through a mass-energy conversion instead...
  11. Assaltwaffle

    Mass-Energy Conversion Statement

    Does this descriptio sound like a blatant enough mass-energy conversion statement? I personally believe it is, but I am not sure. Opinions are greatly appreciated. - - - - - Edit: This has expanded to a general discussion of what qualifies as legit Mass-Energy Conversion and if they...
  12. ProspectX

    Regarding this.

    Would this to be a minor resistance to reality warping. ? And his next statement. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MjEmEI48n1Q/WBf-aOb4kYI/AAAAAAEgt_E/PXZVJf_aT0I/w1900/MR-19559-304875-5.jpg
  13. RinkakuKagune

    Mass-Energy AP

    I am sure this has probabl;y been done before but I just want clarification. If I converted all the mass energy (including dark matter and energy) into energy would I get 4-A or 3-C AP? And more importantly, if I converted all the energy in the ENTIRE Virgo SUPERCluster would I get 3-B or 4-A...
  14. Iamunanimousinthat

    Nen, Conjuration, and Mass-Energy conversion

    Can conjuration feats in Hunter X Hunter, where characters turn nen into phsyical matter. Nen is considered a form of energy (life energy) in the unvierse of Hunter x Hunter. Can this be seen calculated as mass-energy conversion feat?
  15. Monarch_Laciel

    E=MC^2 Energy of the Solar System

    How much energy would be released and what tier would it be if all the mass in the solar system was spontaneously converted to energy?
  16. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Would this warrant use of E=MC2?

    So I was watching a playthrough of Phantasy Star Universe and near the end of the second chapter of the game, I found this little exchange. -Dorso: I...I don't believe it?! How is this possible? How is this possible? -Kare: Doctor, what is the matter? -Dorso: I have...I've made a terrible...