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mark hoffman

  1. HorrorHistory

    A detective in a Pig mask vs A detective in a Ghost mask (Mark Hoffman vs Wayne Bailey)

    Rules: Both are 9-C (Well, obviously) Base Hoffman is used he and does not have prep Speed is equalized Mark has his standard equipment, while Wayne has both his standard and optional equipment Wayne knows who Jigsaw is and his MO Fight takes place in the Shrine with a starting distance of 7...
  2. Just_Butchering

    "Finger, I want to play a game" - Mike Ehrmantraut vs Mark Hoffman

    Mike Ehrmantraut vs Mark Hoffman Hoffman has prior knowledge on Mike Mike doesn't have knowledge on Hoffman, but he knows about Jigsaw, his MO and that he's been stalked Both are in-character Standard equipment for both (except the sleep syringe, so that Hoffman doesn't have an immediate...
  3. ThePrimalHunter

    Jigsaw vs His Wanna-Be (Mark Hoffman vs Josh Washington)

    Mark Hoffman (Saw) vs Josh Washington (Until Dawn) Both 9-C Both have a knife and their knockout syringes Both have 5 minutes of prep, but no prior knowledge. They know that they will be fighting a masked killer with a knife, but not where they are fighting or their opponents abiliites Fight...
  4. ShockingPsychic

    9-C Horror Tourney Round 1: The Boogie Man VS Mark Hoffman

    Speed equal, battle takes place in the FNaF 1 pizzeria, and both combatants have all of their street level equipment. Main Thread here The Combatants: Boogie Man: 6 Mark Hoffman:
  5. ThePrimalHunter

    Jigsaw vs Jigsaw

    Jigsaw from the Saw Movies vs Jigsaw from the MCU These Guys have litteraly no connection other than having the same name & same tier. That's good enough for me though so lets do this. Mark Hoffman is the Jigsaw killer we are using. Mark has 7 days of prep time and prior knowlege on MCU...
  6. Omnificence

    Jason Bourne VS Mark Hoffman

    Rules Alright, let's try this again Both have a day of preparation. Mark and Jason eachhave a combat knife and a Glock 17. 9-B Jason and 9-C Mark are used and speed is equalized if necessary. The fight takes place outside the ruined police station. Results Bourne: Hoffman: Inconclusive:
  7. GojiBoyForever

    Mark Hoffman vs Joker

    Both 9-C Speed Equal Both have full equipment Battle starts in a 10 floor flickering lights hospital with on different floors. Neither know the layout of the hospital. Joker is on the 7th floor and Hoffman is on the 5th floor. Hardcore Gamer: Meh, Slashers were always more of my thing: 5...
  8. EnnardTrap1987

    Mark Hoffman vs. The Pig (Dead by Daylight)

    Both are 9-B and speed is equalised. Hoffman: 0 Piggy: 0 Tie: 0
  9. Sixo_Bullets

    Mark Hoffman vs The Joker

    Mark Hoffman vs The Joker. Rules: 9-B versions and equipment. Speed is equalized. SBA otherwise. Mark Hoffma: The Joker (Burtonverse): Incon:
  10. Jinsye

    Cole Phelps vs. Mark Hoffman

    Both are 9-C Speed is equal Who wins? Cole Phelps: 3 Mark Hoffma: 0
  11. Omnificence

    Jason Bourne vs Mark Hoffman

    Jason Bourne goes up against Mark Hoffman from the Saw franchise. Rules: 9-C Mark Hoffman and 9-B Jason Bourne are used. Both have a Glock 17 and a combat knife. Speed is not equalized.
  12. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    (6-0) Mark vs Jeff (Saw vs Insanity)

    Right now your feeling helpless [...] ~ Mark Hoffma Shhh [...] just go to sleep! ~ Jeff the Killer Killer vs Killer Setup Mark gritted his teeth as he watched the skinny teenager enter the the urban house. He hates people like this. This little punk deserved to die...
  13. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    (Completed) Mark Hoffman vs Michael Myers (Rob Zombie)

    Mark Hoffma vs Michael Myers Rules Both have all their weapons (Mark has his guns and combat knife [and whatever he gets from prep], Michael has his blade) Fight takes place in the Myers's house MM is 9-B and MH is at 9-C physically, with 9-B prep stuff Speed is equalized if need be...
  14. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    (Grace) Amanda vs Hoffman: Battle of the Apprentices

    The Pig vs Mark Hoffma Explanatio People will look at this and say "9-B vs 9-C? STOMP YOU DUMBA-", but I have to say...not necessarily. Hoffman has more weapons, better in h2h combat, and has better range. I'm not saying it makes Mark win. I'm merely saying it isn't a stomp. Rules Mark has a...
  15. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Mark Hoffman vs The Miner

    Mark Hoffma vs The Miner (My Bloody Valentine) "You wanna know the only thing wrong with killing you, Jill? I can only do it once." Rules Both have all their weapons Fight is in the mines (Giving the Miner home court) Both have basic knowledge of each other Result MH: 1 TM(MBV): 1 IN:
  16. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Mark Hoffman (Saw) vs Jason Voorhees (Reboot) CAN BE ADDED

    Mark Hoffma vs Jason Voorhees The most hands-on Jigsaw killer vs Athlete Jason Rules Mark has all his weapons Jason has a machete and a bow (3 arrows) Takes place in a forest clearing at Camp Crystal Lake during the day Speed equalized if need be Result MH: 7 JV: 0 IN: 0 "Live or die...