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(Grace) Amanda vs Hoffman: Battle of the Apprentices

The Pig vs Mark Hoffma

People will look at this and say "9-B vs 9-C? STOMP YOU DUMBA-", but I have to say...not necessarily. Hoffman has more weapons, better in h2h combat, and has better range. I'm not saying it makes Mark win. I'm merely saying it isn't a stomp.


  • Mark has a gun and a military knife
  • Amanda has her hidden blade
  • Fight takes place in a police office
  • Speed is equalized

  • Amanda:
  • Mark: 6
  • Inconclusive:
This depends on whether or not Amanda can sneak up on Mark. If she can successfully get close enough to lunge and stab him, he's dead. If he shoots her first, she's dead. Since this is in a police office, Amanda doesn't have grass or fog to hide in, so I'm giving it to Mark.
Mark is a detective, so he obviously knows his way around a police office making Amanda's only possible advantage (stealth) hard to accomplish. Mark is a genius improvisor and was able to outsmart and murder nearly and entire police force by himself, all he would need to do is find Amanda and everything from there would be in his favour. Mark takes this.
Hoffman lasted longer in the movies and he lasted longer here. Capable of outsmarting an entire police force, and even able to manipulate Amanda into getting herself killed, Hoffman takes this.
Free cookies to anyone who votes
I think putting 1 more vote first would be good as otherwise people won't see it