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knowledgeable members list

  1. ProbzOtaku12

    How can we mention our name in Knowledgeable Members List (Wiki Terms)?

    What should we do to mention our name in Knowledgeable Members List?
  2. Overgeared and Second Life Ranker

    Idk if this belongs Q&A but anyway Are there any person besides me that reads "Overgeared" or "Second Life Ranker" light novels? Or are there any "knowledgeble" person about these verses? Like these verses are extremely outdated and Overgeard's mc isnt even in wiki but for some reason a random...
  3. Dragoonseraphim

    Question about knowledgeable members and supporters for verses.

    Am I allowed to add myself to the knowledgable members list and supporters section of a verse or do I need permission? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  4. Daddybrawl

    Knowledgeable Members

    Hello there! Don’t mind me, I just had a simple question. How do I check the Knowledgeable Members for a verse? I check the verse Page and see Supporters/Opponents, but Im under the impression they’re two different things. I can’t seem to ever find lists, but I know they exist, so... can anyone...
  5. Bobsican

    About "Supporters/Opponents/Neutral" in verse pages and Knowledgeable users (Staff Only)

    (I know I'm not staff, but Ant told me to do this after the forum move IIRC, and so here we are) Okay, this has bugged me for pretty long. Currently a "Supporter" is someone that likes the verse, a "Neutral" is someone that is, well, neutral, and an "Opponent" is someone that dislikes the verse...
  6. Damage3245

    Removal of inactive and permanently blocked users from verse page lists

    As discussed in this thread, permanently blocked users and users who have been inactive for more than a year can be removed from the verse pages and the Knowledgeable Members List. Please post in here which users you remove from a page and for what reason. 1. Please be sure to check that...
  7. MrKerf

    Deleting inactive and banned members from verse page lists?

    So, since the inactive and banned members are still in the lists of supporters/opponents/neutral/knowledge, it gets quite bothering to find the ones who can actually help. Ant proposed to delete from these lists the profiles of those that haven't visited for more than a year. What do you think...
  8. EnnardTrap1987

    Verses that I'm knowledgeable of

    I was wondering if i can be in the Knowledgeable Members List, this is just a question. As i'm very knowledgeable on verses such as: Dead By Daylight (I play this game, know its lore, characters, powers, perks, etc. I even made a few profiles for the verse, The Demogorgo and The Oni) Mortal...
  9. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Post Your "Did you know" Comment Here!

    Hello and welcome to another Velox "dying too soon thread" a brand new "post your" thread! Unlike the others threads, this one are more focusing on "did you know" info and trivia, feel free to share the info and trivia here, it can be increasing knowledge, fun and giggles, or even ruining your...
  10. Spinoirr

    Ben 10: Articguana scaling

    I need help finding out all the feats and stuff Articguana did to find ouy how strong and fast he is
  11. SupremeGilgamesh

    Damage Accumulation in JoJo...again

    This will be quick.If Promestein decide to say something about i have open ears This will be a thread of the staff to discuss the debunking of the debunk of Damage Accumulation The Past So the points that were made were that things that Jotaro and DIO thrown or punch around can't accumulate...
  12. SupremeGilgamesh

    Jotaro and DIO damage accumulation

    Thread:223802 So i read the thread that denbuked damage accumulation in JoJo and i thought "That fine i guess" Homever i read this bit in the The World page in the JoJo Bizarre Encyclopedia "All force applied by DIO during the time stop continues to exist after the time stop. This is seen...
  13. SupremeGilgamesh

    Shadow Games being Pocket Reality

    So something has been bugging me for a while In this wiki,we classify the Shadow Games as Illusion Creation right? Well then why the Shadow Games are described in the wiki as "Using various means of sorcery, they send themselves into an alternate dimension where their duel would not be...
  14. SupremeGilgamesh

    Yhwach and higher AP

    This stems from Seth the Programmer debuking on Naruto vs Ichigo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syrkUUrHs_E Is on 14:57 The argument is on Yhwach planet busting which seeing here is said as moon level And i want to ask...why?
  15. Wokistan

    Darkest Dungeon

    Anybody consider themselves knowledgeable with regards to the video game Darkest Dungeon that is interested in making profiles? I consider myself knowledgeable about this game, and am in the process of drafting up some profiles for the verse, but its generally good to have more than one person...
  16. Vrokorta

    The Knowledgeable Members List

    What are the requirements to get on the list? Do you have to be a moderator? Do you have to be good with calculations? Or do you just need to know a lot about a verse? On top of that, if I qualify to be on the list, am I allowed to add myself, or do I need someone else to add me?
  17. Antvasima

    Staff help needed: The knowledgeable members list

    Hello. I would appreciate if all staff members go to the Knowledgeable Members List and write their usernames under the verses that they know enough about to help evaluate related content revision threads. This is very important for the sake of the wiki running properly. Thanks in advance for...
  18. Antvasima

    A tightening of our editing restrictions?

    Hello. Bert Hall, the Director of Fandom's support service, basically our highest available boss, has been talking with me about various issues. Among other things he is concerned about that I handle such a massive amount of the sum total staff work by myself, primarily the edit-monitoring...
  19. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Getting there

    So how does someone get ONTO the Knowledgeable Members List of their verse?
  20. The_Wright_Way

    About the loss of discussion moderators.

    A lot of moderators have left the wiki as of late. Either due to personal issues, losing intrest, or jest flat out needing to retire we have lost a lot of moderators recently. Should we elect a few new moderators? It would lessen the burden on the current staff members and I could probably vouch...
  21. Antvasima

    Control Revision Threads

    Since I will try to significantly reduce my participation in new content revision threads, it will be extra important that our members use the Knowledgeable Members List page. This both means writing down your own username under the franchises that you know a lot about, and for which you are...
  22. Antvasima

    The knowledgeable members list

    I would appreciate if all staff members who have not already done so please write down their usernames under the franchises that you know much about, and are willing to help out with input for. Thank you. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Knowledgeable_Members_List