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kaecilius (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. FentyBeauty

    MCU Sorcerers + Scarlet Witch Upgrades

    Scarlet Witch Infinity War to Endgame + WandaVision her durability should be upgraded to 6-B, as she withstood a close-up explosion from the Mind Stone, which instantly blew up Vision’s body and pushed both wanda as she was still blasting at his head, as well as slightly pushing back Thanos...
  2. RoTt35

    MCU General CRT⁷

    Star-Lord Martial Arts (He is highly-skilled at hand-to-hand combat) Energy Projection and Electricity Manipulation with Quad Blasters Korath Quantum Projection and Deconstruction with Disrupter Rifle (Fires quantum energy bolts that rips molecules apart) Kaecilius Durability Negation (The...
  3. RoTt35

    [MCU] Kaecilius Upgrade + Extras

    His physical stats should probably be upgraded to 9-B since he broke through a wall, and his LS should be upgraded to Athletic Human since he easily overpowered and restrained Doctor Strange Blessed (Dormammu granted him a portion of his power for the purpose of extending his life and a certain...
  4. Jackythejack

    Kaecilius vs Elodie (MCU vs Long Live the Queen)

    This seemed like a fun match so I'm going to do it you can't stop me just try. Speed is equalized. Magic Hannibal Lecter Long Live the Queen
  5. chosen

    Mcu revision

    -sorcer supreme scaling Wong should be mhs+ and character who downscale are Like pre iw strange supreme strange dormmamu kaecillius ancient one and shang Chi abomination 0:30 wong is clearly able to React to ebony maw projectiles as he know when they entered the portal and make an portal...
  6. Kamekaizen

    Proposal to add Mirror Dimension key

    Should the Ancient One and Kaecilius have a different key in the Mirror Dimension? They both have the ability to transport fights into the Mirror Dimension (although I don't know if Kaecilius can do that) and in there, they are more powerful. They should only have the Reality Warping abilities...
  7. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    MCU Sorcerers Downgrade

    This was brought up before, yet the thread went dead. We are not certain it was a storm or not. It is implied that the witch covered the area in "darkness", and Wong and the others defeated him with light magic. A swirling mass of black does not mean a cloud. I know Matthew disagrees but his...
  8. Graf_Thorsdottir

    MCU - Masters of Mystic Arts magic AP

    I have several problems with the justifications for the AP of the Masters of Mystic Arts (MoMA) with magic. Let's go through them one by one Strange: Doesn't consider Ultron a threat => After Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War, we know how MoMA deal with these kinds of threats: throwing them into...
  9. Torlikoff

    When Did MCU Strange resist time stop?

    On his profile it lists that and a few other unsourced abilities, I don't remember him ever doing A good few of his abilities.
  10. The_Archdemon

    Sorceres Tier - MCU

    The subject Well, I don't know why nobody thought about this, but Kaecilius fought with that witch before he received that upgrade from Dormammu and the Dark Dimension. We can clearly see Kaecilius' power grew to an enormous scale. At the very beginning of the movie, Kaecilius and his zealots...
  11. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    No time to resist revisions - Dr Strange Time Manip Resistance feat

    During the fight with Kaec.. Kace.. Ka... Ka.. Horrible make-up yellow man he fought with Dr Strange. During their fight, time was reversed showing one of the best reverse destructive scenes of movie history as of now. Don't lie to me, you know it to be true. Never has been reverse destruction...
  12. MasterOfArda

    Doctor Strange physical strength revision

    Okay. This is in desperate need of fixing. According to the page, Doctor Strange scales to Kaecilius, who is: "Street level physically (An incredibly skilled martial artist, also casually decapitated a man with an energy blade)." There are two main problems here. Kaecilius did not decpatiate...
  13. ByAsura

    Small Doctor Strange level characters revision

    Their current justification is that they should be superior to the Witch who did this, however, they aren't superior, especially Kaecilius who is listed as far stronger. Wong could not stop her magic attack because it was too powerful, even describing the scepter as very very powerful. The...
  14. OneAboveAll42

    Ancient One (MCU) vs Ronan (MCU)

    R1: Ronan has the power gem, In the Real World R2: Ronan has the power gem, In the Mirror Dimension Bonus: Winner vs Kaecilius