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joe yabuki

  1. noninho

    [0-0-0] Anime's Best Boxer vs Best Bookverse...Army (Joe Yabuki x Army of Mordor)

    Joe and the army are 9-B-limited, only Grunts Joe's fighting a group of 50 Grunts, who win? Joe Yabuki: Group of Olog-Hai and Uruks: Incon:
  2. noninho

    [0-7-0] Stalker x Boxer...or Joe x Joe if you wanna

    Joe Goldberg was walking with his gf and took a stop in a coffee shop. It was a very nice day until she saw something that made her feel surprised: Joe Yabuki, the japanese boxer that last year people thought had died! Joe Goldberg felt jealous and quickly noticed how he was telling, outside the...
  3. noninho

    [0-7-0] Most known anime kid boxers...box - Baki Hanma vs Joe Yabuki

    13 yo Baki used Speed is equal For the fun of it, match will be in Little Mac's stage in Smash Baki - Joe - Noninho, XxZetsuxX, Javenplayz253, Mariogoods, SatellaTheWoE, Mr._Arabe, Accelerated_Evolution Incon-
  4. noninho

    [3-0-0] Best impulsive boy vs Best impulsive girl (Joe Yabuki vs Kimiko Miyashiro)

    Well, idk jack s**t about Joe yet, but let's see how this goes out. Both can higher but let's call them both 9-B if possible. Speed is equalized. I think I should BL them, let's discuss it. "I'll remembeeeeeer yoouuuuu": NotoriouSoda, noninho, AThe1412 "Mon Coeur" is the best nickname...
  5. NotoriouSoda

    You already know (Joe vs Mikey🤢)

    Peak shonen vs mid ass shonen that fell off Joe: Mikey🤢: Both 9-B 5 meters apart Music
  6. Silvervigilant

    Ashita No Joe Minor CRT

    Just some minor things that Joe should already have on his profile: Attack Reflection (His Cross Counter also uses his opponent's own power against themselves). Minor Mometum Manipulation (Joe can use his foe’s momentum against them). Perception Manipulation (Could hit Jose Mendoza multiple...
  7. Lavinrac

    Inspector Clouseau Vs Joe Yabuki

    The idea sounds funny and neither of the characters have matches to this day, so why not? Joe's profile and Clouseau's profile. Inspector Jacques Clouseau is from the 2006 Pink Panther movies and Joe Yabuki is from the anime and manga series Ashita no Joe. Conditions: The fight takes place...
  8. Da_Lunge_Fish

    Ashita no Joe CRT

    So, yeah, my very straightforward CRT about Ashita no Joe series I'm probably the only person in this whole wide world to give a shit about. First, there's this accepted speed and AP calculation for the whole verse (only Joe's profile exists now tho). Second, Joe should receive acrobatics...
  9. Sorvoe551

    Joe Yabuki vs Ippo Makonouchi, The Reckoning

    Since YoJimbo1989's match was removed, let's give this rematch a proper lookover once again. These two are some of the most famous boxers in manga history and both have the heart and skill to take on incredible odds. Now these two will slug it out to determine who the true King of Fists is. Who...
  10. Sorvoe551

    Joe vs Ippo Removal

    Introductio In this thread, I would like to propose that the Joe Yabuki vs Ippo Makunouchi match be overturned and reevaluated. After reiterating the main caviats of the first fight, I will make three seperate arguments that highlight how Joe struggles against boxers who are his equals...
  11. Sorvoe551

    Ippo Makonouchi vs Joe Yabuki REMATCH

    I know this match was already voted on and decided a while ago, but after reading the entirety of the Ashita no Joe manga, I believe that this fight is more in Ippo's favor than previously thought, so I thought it would be worth debating once again. Same rules as the previous discussion: Both...
  12. RapidMotorcycle19

    Joe Yabuki vs Little Mac

    2009 Mac vs 9-B Joe Speed Equal
  13. Kyle_Ramos

    Little Mac vs Joe Yabuki

    Speed equalized. 9-B forms only to TKO. He is only 5'7" tall, but he can kick your ass with no problem
  14. AidenBrooks999

    Possible Upgrade for Joe Yabuki

    I don't have much knowledge of the verse nor the character But he has a Durability feat of taking punches of someone who can knock-out cows Checking the Cow profile (and considering that some cows can even survive crashes for cars not top speed) shouldn't Joe's Durability (and therefore, his...
  15. The_Legendary_Carmine

    Rocky Balboa vs Joe Yabuki

    Two iron willed boxers meet in the ring, there are limitless rounds and victory can only be archieved by knockout. Both characters are at their peak. Who wins and why?
  16. TakatoBlue

    Joe Yabuki (Ashita no Joe) VS Ippo Makonouchi (Hajime no Ippo)

    Ultimate boxe fight. ~ https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Joe_Yabuki https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ippo_Makonouchi
  17. Yojimbo1989

    Ippo Makonouchi vs Joe Yabuki

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the greatest Featherweight Boxing Match of all time and quite possibly the greatest fight of all time period So for this matchup let's say make this a KO only boxing match, meaing that this is a fight that can only end by knockout, so it's a boxing match...