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hades izanami

  1. Ikelaggan

    A anime girl Vs another tentacle monster, I swear it's not off brand

    Speed is equalized Win via incap
  2. Luciano_esporas

    Izanami vs Hitoshura

    Why not?
  3. AquaWaifu

    Who wins between the emboidment of Death and a guy who can kill anything?

    Yogiri Takatou vs Izanami of Blazblue? Would his power work on her?
  4. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Blazblue AP Revision

    XBlaze Characters Downgrade So basically, XBlaze characters are currently 8-B by Drei's earthquake feat. The problem is, because of the Earthquake Revision, that feat should be moot because of the fact that it only shook around the district's sewers. I think the tier should be 9-A. All of the...
  5. TheOncomingDarkstormageddon

    An Empire of Death: Hades Izanami vs Emperor Mateus

    Hades Izanami vs Emperor Mateus. Both are in character. Speed equalized. Both start 10 meters from each other. Mateus is in his Emperor of Hell form.
  6. Keeweed

    Exposition Overload: Hircine vs Hades Izanami

    Speed Equalized obviously, this is Hircine's aspect of guile Hopefully this isn't a stomp (hey if Terumi can curpstomp a 2-A this shouldn't be too bad) Human!: Mortal.: How many humans without immortality would stomp these two?:
  7. Theglassman12

    Conceptual hax in Blazblue

    Ok, so I'm moving the concept hax discussion over here as it would likely derail the other CRT, and as well as the nature of said hax being rather touchy to say the least. But anyways, with that out of the way, here's basically what we found. So in these scans, Trinity Glassfille, one of the...
  8. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Hades Izanami vs Machina

    We'll see of this is fair. Hades Izanami vs Machina 5-B Machina is used SBA Speed Equalized
  9. FateAlbane

    Wolfgang Schreiber vs Hades Izanami

    Was this done before? Is this fair? I dunno but I want to know anyways. Hades Izanami vs Wolf , Speed Equal and 5-B for both. Who wins and why?
  10. RotofBots

    Abstract Existence question

    Which type of abstract existence would the following quotation be: "Imperator.....She herself is death. She cannot be killed.... She will exist indefinitely, bringing death across the world. She is death materialized."
  11. SSBXeno573

    Sonic (Pre-GW) vs Hades Izanami

    4-B vs. Low 5-B Speed: Equalized Location: World of Void No Prep or Prior Knowledge SBA for everything else Hades Izanami: 1 Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Pre-Genesis Wave): 4 Incon: 1
  12. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    Yhwach vs Hades Izanami

    - Strongest versions for both - Speed is equal - winner via any means necessary Yhwach:0 Hades Izanami:0
  13. Dragonmasterxyz

    Hades Izanami vs The Didact

    Request. Blazblue vs Halo Goddess of the Underworld vs An Alien Badass -SBA -Speed Equal FIGHT!!! Hades Izanami: 0 The Didact (Halo) : 0 Inconclusive: 2 (Gar, Versus)
  14. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Hades Izanami vs Goetia

    Earlier i want to make Izanami vs Gil rematch,but he might stomp her,i'm unsure to use Tamamo,and then decide to use Goetia finaly.Alright lets go!!! -Beast I Goetia is used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in Ars Paulina -Range is 10 meter and they start doing CQC -Win...
  15. AquaWaifu

    The King of Heroes vs Death Incarnate! Gilgamesh VS Hades Izanami!

    Gilgamesh - 0 ( ) VS Hades Izanami - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONDITIONS: Both are bloodlusted Gil is 5-A Speed is equalized Fight is at The Gate Starting Distance is 20 meters Win via any method. Now I know Gil himself is resistant to time manipulation but is GoB?
  16. Drellix

    Hades Izanami vs Yhwach

    Now, I know a lot of Yhwach vs A BlazBlue character, but these characters are very similar. If this turns out to be something that should not be needed, please feel free to close this. Strongest Yhwach with Sternritter powers. Speed equalized.
  17. Zeldasmash

    Hades Izanami (Low 5-B) vs Kaguya Otsutsuki (Low 5-B)

    Two major antagonists of their respective franchises based on Izanami-No-Mikoto. Speed Equalized Who wins?