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  1. koopa3144

    MASSIVE Pokémon profile revisions! (5 profile revisions!)

    So I make some more Pokémon profile revisions, 3 starters and 2 others necessary for scaling. Charizard New profile Old profile Cubone New profile Old profile Greninja New profile Old profile Abomasnow New profile Old profile Decidueye New profile Old profile Yeah that's all ig- Agree...
  2. Agnaa

    Pokemon - 6.78c Removal

    This calc has now been rejected. If someone wants to argue against this rejection, please do so here. Otherwise, help from verse experts would be appreciated in removing the calc from profiles, updating their justifications to lower, accepted calcs, and removing any matches that don't work...
  3. GoldenScorpions

    7-B [Path to the Throne] Tournament: Brook vs Frogadier

    [Path to the Throne] 7-B tournament Quarter-Final 3 Characters Attack Potency Votes Brook (One Piece) 54.28 Megatons 7 (@Popted2, @noninho, @Ret_of_Guys, @DontTalkDT, @LeoEpicGamer8910, @Nierre, @GoldenScorpions ) Frogadier (Pokémon) 45.88 Megatons Inconclusive The match takes...
  4. GoldenScorpions

    7-B [Path to the Throne] Tournament: Iron Man vs Frogadier

    [Path to the Throne] 7-B tournament Round 6 Characters Attack Potency Votes Iron Man (Mark 46-47) (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 47.8 Megatons Frogadier (Pokémon) 45.88 Megatons 7 (@DontTalkDT, @Popted2, @Spinoirr, @GlaceonGamez471, @XSOULOFCINDERX , @Imaginym, @GoldenScorpions)...
  5. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Lucario VS Sonic the Hedgehog (X)

    Mega Lucario used. Base Sonic used. Speed equalized. Both bloodlusted. SBA for anything else. Lucario: 1 Sonic: 4 Incon:
  6. koopa3144

    water ninja fights sand ninja (Greninja vs Gaara)

    Fight takes place in a desert arena Gaara is in his The Last key SBA distance both have no knowledge of what the other can do speed is equalized Water ninja: 0 Sand ninja: 0 Incon: 0
  7. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Cleanup CRT thread

    So im gonna be real with you, the current pokemon pages suck in many ways. Greninja, as an example, has keys for all evolutions and ash greninja...problem is he only has tier 7-A and high 7-A...there goes my vs thread i planned. Overall i need your help. I need y'all to bring up many other...
  8. BigSmoke4269

    Frog Ninja VS Frog Ninja

    Sage Mode Naruto VS Greninja lol Speed Equalized Naruto: 5 Greninja:
  9. Minecraftfan300

    Alright my first battle!

    Alright we have a battle of idk two Frog warriors! Frog (Chrono Trigger) Battling against! Greninja Who Will win? Also Ash's Greninja And both composite!
  10. Stalker_Maggot

    A Samurai fights a Ninja: Pokemon edition (Grace)

    Samurott vs Greninja Ash-Greninja is not allowed SBA
  11. EightAte8

    Garnet versus Greninja

  12. Starter_Pack

    Major Pokemon Revisions (It's Not About The Tiering, I Swear)

    Right, so I'm sure everyone is aware of this by now, and I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Pokemon profiles are a huge mess, and it really needs to be straightened out. And as the title says, it has diddly squat to do with their extremely unstable tiering. Now, I'm going to list several...
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Nintendo Ninjas

    I better do this while both are still High 6-C... Sheik vs Greninja.
  14. Strangeyoshi12

    Super Cool Lego vs Super Cool Froggo

    one plastic boyo can only use water abilities https://roblox-elemental-battlegrounds.wikia.com/wiki/Water grandma ninja frog does not have access to his ash form, but he has a trainer with him, and has a z crystal and the trainer has a z ring greninja moves and ability - ability: torrent moves...
  15. ZoroNotZolo

    Boa Hancock VS Ash Greninja

    Speed equalized. Ash and his Greninja are trespassing on Boa's empire. Ash decides to resolve things through a battle.
  16. Xanxussama1010

    A Tailed Beast vs A Ninja Frog

    Because a cool frog deserved to got a match! Three-Tails vs Ash-Greninja Fight in an ice stadium. Speed equalized Ash is the partner of Greninja here. And he can't be the target of Three-Tails. Ok, who is the winner?
  17. Sans2345

    Lucario Vs Greninja

    Speed Equel Both Bloodlusted Large Island Level Lucario Vs Large Island Level Greninja V.S Lucario:1 Greninja:0
  18. ZoroNotZolo

    Rose (Street Fighter) VS Ash-Greninja

    Speed equalized. Who wins? Rose: Greninja:
  19. ArbitraryNumbers

    Greninja vs Wonder-White

    Conditions: Wonder-White is in his unlimited form and has 100 other Wonderful Ones that he can use for Unite Morphs. This means High 7-C Wonder-White with 7-A+ Unite Morphs. Both characters are in-character, speed is equalized, starting distance of 25 meters and victory is achieved by any means.
  20. SuperKamiNappa

    Percy Jackson vs Greninja

    Base Greninja Speed Equalized who wins and why?
  21. Dragonmasterxyz

    Possible Ash-Greninja Upgrade

    So this has been bugging me and likely a few other users for a while. Why is Ash-Greninja only 9-A? Based on what we see Ash-Greninja is special only to that one Greninja. It isn't a species latent power or anything. It's just a special Greninja with Battle Bond. So I honestly feel like he can...
  22. SuperKamiNappa

    Natsu vs. Ash & Greninja

    Speed equalized who wins and why?
  23. AidenBrooks999


    If he is going to scale to anime (most likely scale him from Pikachu nor Lucario (who's only calcs are from anime)) or if he is going to scale from Game, then we have to delete the "Ash Ketchum" from his name.
  24. WeeklyBattles

    Greninja vs Jiraiya

    Credit to OmnicidalClown1992. A Frog Ninja vs a Toad Sage. Ash Greninja vs Sage Mode Jiraiya. Speed equalized, in character, no prior knowledge or prep time. Who wins? Greninja - 1 Jiraiya - 2
  25. HokageKirby161

    Ash-Greninja Vs. Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow Mask)

    Speed Equalized.
  26. Golem_Guy_(Neo)

    Greninja vs CP9 Saga Luffy

    Well I'm finally back, so I'm returning with this matchup. This time there's two rounds, one with speed equalized and the other round being unequalized. Also of note is that the Luffy I'm using is the CP9 Saga/Whitebeard War Saga Luffy, so any moves and forms after the sagas are not allowed.