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great white shark

  1. Random-Helper323

    Bodily Weaponry for the Shark in Jaws

    The sharks in Jaws should have bodily weaponry. Original Novel Film Version Ultimate Predator They're huge great white sharks with mouths full of huge sharp teeth, so this seems pretty self-evident.
  2. KingKenjo

    Mesmer vs Great White Shark (3 votes till Grace)

    Basically what it seems. Can a Mesmer take on a big boy shark? Let's find out. Speed equal. Battle takes place in 4546B's Kelp Forest biome. Earth's Perfect Killing Machine: 0 One Hypno Boi: 4 (TRAE_is_arceus, XSOULOFCINDERX, AceOfSpaces3709, H3110l12345I20) Oh god they're teaming up run: 0
  3. Flashlight237

    Great White Shark vs Hippopotamus

    You know what people think are deadly but are really hardly a threat? Great white sharks. You know what's actually deadly? Hippopotamuses. Let's pit them against each other. For this match, we'll be putting both contenders at the edge of the Nile Delta mainly because it was the closest thing...
  4. Pikaman

    Great White Shark Question

    What’s the exact AP value we have for it? Preferably in kilojoules
  5. Nemo212

    T-Rex Picture Inaccurate, Tabber Inconsistency

    T-rex, contrary to now-popular belief, likely did not have feathers, as they would have caused them to overheat. Source: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/t-rex-skin-was-not-covered-feathers-study-says-180963603/ If a new picture is necessary, I'd like to nominate this digital...
  6. Sans2345

    Dunkleosteus Terrelli vs Great White Shark

    Both 9-B speed equalized battle takes place in the ocean win via death or KO SBA Great White Shark: 0 Dunkleosteus Terrelli: 3 (Crocodile The SeaWing) (Dusty Raider) (Stalker Maggot) Incon: 0 VS
  7. Sans2345

    Great White Shark Revision

    The great white shark in aquariums can make cracks in aquarium glass which would likely be street level+
  8. Sans2345

    A talking sponge fights a shark

    both 9-B tier spongebob is at his peak Speed is equal Win by death or KO Spongebob Squarepants: 0 Great White Shark: 0 Inconclusive: 0 I´m ready! VS
  9. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    What tier would a 300ft shark (like a great white) be?

    Question is above. Also it moves at ¨the speed of a freight train¨. Would that make it higher? Weight is unknown, probably just scaled up.
  10. JackJoyce

    Great White Shark vs Saltwater Crocodile

    Great White Shark: 1 (Kiryu2012) Saltwater Crocodile: 8 (Lorenzo.r.2nd, Crocodile The SeaWing, Flashlight237, XSOULOFCINDERX, Apex PredatorX, Demon Takumo 31, Strawboi, HeadlessKramerGeoff777) The Crocodile This is a male saltwater crocodile and a female shark. Fight takes place in...
  11. Chu_Minh_Duy

    the strongest Bite force vs sharpest teeth of all the sharks

    Both are bloodlust the Great White at the same size as an full-grown Bull Shark this is a full-grown Bull Shark on it's prime otherwise SBA
  12. Numbersguy

    A dinosaur that looks like a duck fights the descendant of the Megalodon

    Great White Shark vs Spinosaurus Great White Shark Spinosaurus (Real World) It's a pack of three sharks. The water is 20 meters deep and it's salty so the sharks don't die. Both animals are bloodlusted. Music
  13. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Elephant vs Great White Shark

    A Great White and an Elephant are transported to a realm where they can both breathe and fight. The Elephant can run across the ground, while the shark can "swim" through the air (it can't go any higher than the Elephant's head though). Both of them are fully grown adults in their primes. All of...
  14. Sans2345

    Great White Shark Vs Orca

    The White Shark Suprise Attacks The Orca And Is At Least Large As The Orca Speed Equel Orca:0 Great White:0 Inconclusive:0
  15. EMagoIorSouI

    The Great White Shark VS. T-Rex

    I've always wanted to see these two fight as a kid. The White Shark ambushes the T-Rex, without it knowing, and the shark is as well as large, or is at least nearly as large as the T-Rex. Speed in unequalized. Shark - 7 T-Rex - 0 Inconclusive - 1 Note: The picture on the right does not...
  16. Lord_Vader54

    A random Animal fight

    So in some random woodland area at New Zealand a bunch of animals start hunting eachother -Speed Equalized - There are lakes and other things all over - All combatents start 98 miles away from eachother besides the Great White Shark who is swimming in the lake - The Animals know where...
  17. Kiryu2012

    Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark

    Saltwater Crocodile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saltwater_Crocodile vs Great White Shark: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Great_White_Shark Arena: The Pacific Ocean Rules: The crocodile is male while the great white is female Both are healthy adults in their prime Both are...