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golden freddy (five nights at freddy's)

  1. King_Dom470

    Two weird horror characters fight (7-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Base Golden Freddy is used Golden Freddy is bloodlusted Battle takes place inside Freddy Fazbears Pizza SBA for everything else Dead Child: (JustANormalLemo, King_Dom470, Perequeliri993, Mariogoods, AThe1412, WamuuBestGirl, koopa3144) Child Murderer: Incon:
  2. LightSoul8

    Some suggestions for FNAF profile updates

    Just wanted to give my takes on these new profiles for the FNAF 1 group of Animatronics: All: -Spirits and Animatronics should get Type 1 Immortality for not aging after 30 years and only passing on after receiving peace during the Happiest Day. -Spirits should lose Incorporeality since they...
  3. LightSoul8

    Some FNAF profile changes?

    Just wanted to give my takes on these new profiles for the FNAF 1 group of Animatronics: All: -Spirits and Animatronics should get Type 1 Immortality for not aging after 30 years and only passing on after receiving peace during the Happiest Day. -Spirits should lose Incorporeality since they...
  4. DaReaperMan

    Five Nights at Freddy's: Seeing Gold

    Golden Freddy https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:DaReaperMan/ITS_TIME_TO_Y***_SOME_D***S?action=history https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Golden_Freddy_(Five_Nights_at_Freddy%27s)?action=history Haha funni Five Nights at F**kboys Reference. Changes Added Ultimate Custom Night key Removed...
  5. Starter_Pack

    FNAF Universal Downgrade (+ a bit of Security Breach and overall Durability)

    It's bordering the realm of ludicrous how long this has maintained itself through sheer unwillingness to work on it, so today I will 100% officially dictate what needs to be done with FNAF at this point in time. The 9-B skull crushing calc has been recalculated to be 9-C. Therefore, since most...
  6. ZillertheBucko

    golden freddy's powers and abilities?

    okay, where tf is golden freddy's ucn abilities he is capable of reality warping, ressurection, creation, electricity manipulation (the place is powered on electricity) , and the affects of old man consequences in ucn actually have an affect on the fnaf world universe, possibly granting freddy...
  7. Sans2345

    Golden Freddy tier in UCN

    Golden Freddy in UCN creates a realm or dimension for Afton and keeps on bringing afton back to life over and over and is always watching over his realm, i'm gonna bet that Golden Freddy in UCN is Low 2-C
  8. Exotic_boi

    golden freddys powers

    well golden freddy could go trough a wall here and golden freddy crashes your game isnt it breaking the 4th wall well in the update phone version your game dosent crash but it does on the comptuer and golden freddy was invisble to the puppet but not freddy here
  9. EnnardTrap1987

    April Fools duel

    Battle of gold bois Both Memetic..I guess Speed equalised Both have prior knowledge Fight takes place in the Cell Games Oh ****. Oh **** no: 0 Crippled bear: 0 I'm on a Highway to Hell: 0
  10. Mr_Exotic_Goldie

    golden freddy powers

    since ucn shouldnt golden freddy have death manip resistance due to the secret also in fnaf 1 he freezes the entire game (basically freezing his universe) that is how he kills you also since ucn in aftons hell shouldnt he also have summoning since if ucn IS aftons hell that cassidy have...
  11. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Golden Freddy vs Snowman

    Golden Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's) vs Snowman (Fear on Four) Rules Speed is = Results GF: SM: Incon:
  12. VAVADevil32

    (Five Nights at Freddy's) Golden Freddy vs The Puppet

    "IT'S ME" "The others are like animals, but I am very aware." Who will Win? Bloodthristy They know each other Abilites and Weakness Arena: Freddy Fazebear's Pizza (FNAF 1) This is the Canon Puppet The Puppet: 2 Golden Freddy: 1 Inconclusive: 0
  13. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Golden Animatronic vs Golden Zombie

    Golden Freddy vs Slurshem Hope this isn't a stomp Rules Speed is = Fight takes place in the FNaF 2 location Results Haxier animatronic: Vampire Zombie: 1 Incon:
  14. Sans2345

    Pardon Me Golden Freddy Is Something Wrong?

    Both are at unknown tiers Battle takes place in a forest The Horrible Thing: 0 Golden Freddy: 0 Incon: 3 (HeadlessKramerGeoff777) (PrivateMajority78) (Starter Pack) "Pardon me (It said) Is something wrong?" IT'S ME
  15. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Golden Freddy and Michael Brooks Abilities

    Golden Freddy: Mind Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Immortality (Type 7), Levitatio, Teleportation, Telepathy, Flight, Shapeshifting He shouldn't have telepathy, flight, Shapeshifting, or mind manip. He should have Illusion Creation. I don't understand why he has those abillities. Michael Brooks...
  16. Christian_Higdon

    This has Incon all over it: Golden Freddy vs Golden Freddy

    Goodie, a fight where nothing needs to be Equalized. Battle is in a factory. Who wins? Booked: 0 Demon: 3 Tie: 3
  17. Christian_Higdon

    Saitama vs Golden Freddy

    Now, some would call this a stomp (AP or tier), but let's just test things out. Could Saitama kill Golden Freddy? More importantly, could Golden Freddy kill Saitama? Goldy kills: 4 Baldy kills: 0 Lives matter: 0
  18. Sans2345

    W. D. Gaster Vs Golden Freddy

    The being most commonly believed to be Gaster. -Both Have Unknown Tiers -Golden Freddy Has Unknown Speed Area:True Lab