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dracula (castlevania - netflix)


    Dracula (Castlevania - Netflix) vs Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) [0-0-0]

    This is Phantom Blood Dio being used, speed is equalized and the fight takes place in Dio's castle. Dracula : Dio : Incon :
  2. Spider_Kaiju

    Homelander (TV Series) V.S Dracula (Netflix Castlevania)

    Homelander (TV series (The Boys) V.S Dracula (Netflix) Homelander is one rank higher in attack potency and durability than Dracula, but Dracula seems to fight with much higher skill, and has more at his disposal to fight with, so I was wondering if Homelander would win or lose. I don't think...
  3. Theglassman12

    Netflix Castlevania AP buff

    Finally got an old recalc redone. So the Dracula meteor feat has been redone to 5.86 tons, so bordering on Large Building level+, this would buff all of the top tiers but I think a couple of the characters should deserve a bigger buff than before. Obviously Dracula scales to this, he should...
  4. Theglassman12

    Minor Castlevania revisions

    Been needing to get these out of the way for quite some time. So long story short, these two calcs have been accepted by calc members for the Netflix show. So here's what the results should be. Speed: Trevor from Season 1-3 gets Relativistic+ Reaction Speed for obvious reasons, and Sypha...
  5. Battle of Heartbroken Bloodsuckers. Dracula (Netflix Castlevania) VS Dettlaff (Witcher) (8 - 0 - 0)

    "You will come to Tesha Mutna and explain all. If you do not I will raise Beauclair to the ground. This I promise you" "Take your family. Leave Wallachia tonight. Pack and go and do not look back. For no more do I travel as a man." After failing to appear at the allotted location on time...
  6. Peppersalt43

    Forces of Heaven and Hell in an endless skirmish. Semifinals Match 1. Dracula vs Hyness

    [Insert Copypasta Here] : 0 Less Broken Dracula : 0 Incon : 0 Fight takes place in Vatican City, 15 meters apart That one broken stat amp Hyness has is restricted Stats equalized
  7. Peppersalt43

    Forces of Heaven and Hell in an endless skirmish. Round 2 Match 3. Isaac vs Dracula

    Infanticide Victim : 0 Mob Mentality Victim : 0 Incon : 0 Fight takes place in Vatican City, 15 meters apart Isaac's optional equipment is restricted Stats equalized
  8. Comiphorous

    Dracula's Morning star reasoning

    change dracula's resistance to holy manipulation reasoning to; "Took a hit from the Morning star whip without taking any meaningful damage, which caused other vampires to bloat up and explode" instead of 'survived a hit from the morning star' since that makes it sound like he took it and was...
  9. Peppersalt43

    Forces of Heaven and Hell in an endless skirmish. Round 1 Match 3. Ludwig vs Dracula

    There are no innocents! : 0 Does the nightmare never end?! : 0 Incon : 0 Stats equalized Fight takes place in Vatican City, 15 meters apart Ludwig, the Holy Blade used Dracula scaled the ceiling of the chapel, interested by the turquoise glow coming from within. That hideous which held that...
  10. Comiphorous

    Castlevania vs. JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Dracula (Castlevania - Netflix) Vs Dio Brando (JJBA - Phantom Blood)

    Dracula Vs Dio Brando Speed Equalized Netflix Castlevania Dracula is being used here. (8-C) Phantom Blood Dio Brando is used here (8-C) Dracula: Dio Brando: Incon:
  11. SheevShezarrine

    Some Minor Neftlixvania Additions

    In S3E7, the village witch states that the magician who enslaved her village "burnt their souls to ash" when enslaving them. Considering she and Isaac both resisted him. She also displays aura, capable of forming gusts of wind and intimidating Isaac's Night Creatures. Thus, I suggest we add Aura...
  12. Lightning_XXI

    Castlevania nukes itself from the games

    Yeah the title is...something XD before the 4th season additions thread, I believe this has to be done Currently, we have three Castlevania universes in fiction, the main canon games, the Animated Series and the Lords of Shadow stuff (Gabriel Belmont has a profile, just in case you didn't...
  13. Lightning_XXI

    Alucard goes a little faster

    Hello This is a rather small upgrade Currently, we have Vampires from Castlevania Netflix at Subsonic, including Alucard and his father Dracula, however, Alucard could consistenly block and dodge Trevor's whip during their fight, he actually dodges the tip at one moment, and as we know, the...
  14. The_Smashor

    Jonathan hunts a vampire

    Oh hey. Netflix Castlevania is 8-C now. Neat. Rules: Speed equalized. This is Pre-Deep Pass Overdrive Jonathan. Otherwise SBA. Dracula: Jonatha: Inconclusive:
  15. SheevShezarrine

    Castlevania Discussion Thread

    Since Castlevania Season 3 drops in about an hour, I figured why not make a discussion thread for Castlevania? We got plenty to discuss about this verse of Tier 2 bullwhips, after all. Potential topics of discussion include: Lords of Shadow profiles Castlevania Season 3 feats, once the...
  16. Abstractions

    Netflix Castlevania changes

    Dracula is currently listed at 8-A for this calculatio despite the low-end being what was actually accepted, meaning he should be 8-C instead. The Morning Star Whip Trevor Belmont (Castlevania - Netflix) is rated at 9-A with the Belmont Sword for killing the Minotaur and 8-A for harming Dracula...
  17. Dark_warrior_100

    Netflix dracula minor revision

    basically a calc of dracula's fireball was made was made and the result is building level, this should amp him a bit https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:LotusKLM/Drácula_power
  18. SheevShezarrine

    Castlevania Netflix Calc Requests

    Can someone please calc the various feats from these videos? https://youtu.be/Hi4xPMKByJQ https://youtu.be/kYDjxV2ST-0 Netflix Dracula is Unknown tier and the main trio don't even have profiles, which is a shame so I'm trying to get some help in amending that.
  19. StarSlayer666

    Geralt hunts a Vampire

    Dracula (Castlevania - Netflix) VS Geralt (Soul Calibur) Equalized Speed Geralt: Dracula: Inconclusive:
  20. Dark_warrior_100

    Alucard vs netflix dracula

    Battle of vampire lords Speed is equalized Alucard is pre schrödinger
  21. Lightning_XXI

    Devil May Cry 1 Dante Vs Castlevania (Netflix) Dracula

    Both in character, speed equalized, no outside help, Sparda Sword/Form and Bangle of Time restricted The Demon Hunter Vs