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dark mind

  1. Eficiente

    Kirby and the Forgotten CRT

    Back when I discovered how Another Dimension was a multiverse and how imcomplete was the information we had available for the verse next to all the existing sources it had, I decided to push some organizacion into it, but that failed horribly. I even asked MeteorZ if he was willing to make...
  2. Deadice69

    Potential Dark mind addition

    He was unleashing chaos.on the mirror world. Would this possbily grant him Chaos manipulation?
  3. LetsGetIt5

    dark mind slight upgrade.

    don't worry not a AP or striking strength upgrade. just upgrading his corruption, morality, and empathic manipulation... which in turn would upgrade every star ally and voids morality and empathic manipulation. as well as 2 additional abilities for him. Why is the mirror world considered a...
  4. Eficiente

    Kirby Downgrade (Just removing one guy's 4-A feat)

    Seems like a good day to do it. This guy's 4-A feat is non-existent, he just moved to a place with stars. Just that.
  5. Eficiente

    Funny Valentine vs Dark Mind

    I finally finished reading Part 7. Napkin boy has Love Train. Speed = Funny Valentine: 1 (Dziga) Dark Mind: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. The_real_cal_howard

    About Dark Mind

    Why don't we accept him being able to control the Mirror World to his whim? This has boggled me for since when I brought this up before. The level Candy Constellation contains a galaxy in the background, and that means what takes place is outside of it, meaning there's even more. He's been shown...
  7. QuasiYuri

    Dark Mind Upgrade

    Dark Mind is stated 4-A via his fight vs Kirby. But he showed feats at least 3-A and possibly low 2-C: 1- He is superior to Master Hand and Crazy Hand , who are the bosses of the level just before his fight. 2-The Mirror Wold seems to be comparable to a univers, like that of Magolor of...
  8. Foggysniper

    A lot of Kirby hax abilities

    Alright, I was going to wait for the Kirby revision thread to be resolved, but I don't think this thread will interfere with that one because this is just adding a whole bunch of abilities to a bunch of Kirby characters. First off, I'm going to bring up my last thread trying to add abilities...
  9. Foggysniper

    What Regenerationn would this be for Dark Mind?

    Alright. So in Kirby Team Clash Deluxe, it was stated that when Kirby fought Dark Mind with Galaxia he shattered his soul. http://kirby.wikia.com/wiki/Armor (Scroll down to the Dark Mind headpiece in the hammer section) He comes back from this (as he ultimately gets killed because Kirby is...
  10. ZeroTwo64

    Dark Mind Possession

    Can we add the power Possession to Dark Mind,because he possessed King Dedede in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe?
  11. ZeroTwo64

    Dark Mind VS Mario

    Both at 4-A Battle took place in Hyrule!Who will win and why? It's-a-him, Mario.
  12. Foggysniper

    The Dimensional Mirror and the Black Mirror.

    So I brought this up in another thread but my question wasn't ever really answered but instead the thread was brought off topic with a tiny discussion on if Dededetour was canon or not (sorry about that by the way). Anyways, I brought up that I didn't think the Dimensional Mirror was in Kirby...
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Kirby revisions [Spoilers]

    Overview There's gonna be a few things to be covered in this. There's gonna be revisions for the final bosses and main characters, along with some characters that take the backseat. Tier 3 scaling So, before I highlight this, I want to get this out of the way (and also with my track record...
  14. HokageKirby161

    Omne (Bayonetta) Vs. Dark Mind (Kirby)

    Speed Equalized.
  15. Professor_Voodoo

    Concerns for a couple Kirby villains.

    I have no problem with the upgrade that happened, but the feats that warranted the upgrade came from Dark Nebula & Necrodeus(i think). Therefore i'm not sure if single appearance villains prior to 2006(when Kirby Squeak Squad was released and featured Dark Nebula) like Nightmare(Kirby's...