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  1. Fezzih_007

    The Witch of Envy vs The Bow of church

    I gonna make a profile for the Remake characters for Tsukihime, but before that i want to make this battle to see how much Ciel profile is old. Both High 6-C Melty blood Ciel Key Witch of Envy is used WoE is already in her shadow form Ciel can go into her powered state at any time They start...
  2. Fezzih_007

    Why there's no tsukihime remake profiles?

    So Tsukihime Remake as been out for a while, and is freaking great, so why there's no key or separate profiles for them? We have profiles to same characters that are berally different ability wise and tier, why don't we have for the tsukihime continuety? Can i make one?
  3. EldemadeDityjon

    Possible Downgrade for LN Rimuru CM type 2.

    LN Rimuru profile states But here we don't see anything regarding any concepts governing something else. This should be just abstract existence not CM type 2. There is no statement or feats which shows True Dragons existence governs something. The single statement which states Source of the...
  4. Violatas

    Ciel Melty Blood Key

    Ok this should be pretty direct. Like, very very much so. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sion_Eltnam_Atlasia We currently have Sion scaling to 30% Arcueid, which she absolutely should. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ciel Ciel should as well given she overwhelms Sion pretty easily at the...
  5. HyperZero95

    Tsukihime: some Ciel upgrades

    Ciel should have a Melty Blood key on her profile. In Tsukihime, she was only as strong as weakened Arcueid. In Melty Blood, she was able to defeat Arcueid with 50% of her powers, and Arcueid said that she would fight seriously. She also defeated CRV Akiha, who can also defeat 50% Arcueid...
  6. KnightOfSunlight

    Sealing Desgination Enforcer takes on a tough contract (Bazett vs Ciel)

    The fact that this match hasn't been made shows that the Nasuverse isn't too active when it comes to things aside from CCC and Extra. For good reason, both of those need a fair shake and haven't gotten one for more than a long while. But still, this is an almost pitch perfect fight for two...
  7. Promestein

    Roa / Tarantella thing / Ciel

    Ciel > Tarantella, Tarantella put up a fight against Dantes, which means we should boost Ciel/Elesia to 7-A with magic to keep scaling logical
  8. LordGinSama

    Nicholas the Punisher vs The 17th Roa

    Thought this would be a good match up Both are at their strongest Speed is equalized Winner via incap Rules: Seventh Holy Scripture and Black Barrel are restricted for obvious reasons and Nicholas is restricted to 5 Vials of serum ( these grant him higher Regenerationn but they will kill...
  9. GalaxianAegis

    Ciel vs Kars: Vampiric Forces With Terrible Luck

    Ciel gets called in by the Church to deal with a being a lot like a Dead Apostle Kars is in his Ultimate Form and has the Red Stone of Aja. Ciel is willing to use Roa's magecraft and can use Powerd Ciel if needed. Rules: Speed Equalized
  10. Promestein

    Nrvnqsr and Roa (and Ciel I guess)

    Here we go. Suggested changes; Nrvnqsr Attack Potency: Wall level to Building level with minor beasts. At least Town level with normal beasts, higher as the 999th Beast. Possibly at least Mountain level with strongest beasts. Nrvnqsr being "At least High 8-C" without even a "likely higher" is...
  11. Promestein

    Ciel Speed

    Should Powered Ciel be MHS+ at all, even as a possibility? At best, she can keep up with servants, so she shouldn't be significantly faster than them, and a casual Archetype shouldn't scale to her anyways, considering she's vastly superior to basically everyone.
  12. Yamatohime

    Ciel (Tsukihime) vs Hellsing Organization

    The Holy Church got fed up with failures of Iscariot branch and sent her best agent with all known info about Hellsing. She allowed to utilize Seven Holy Scripture, Black Barrel and other relics. Failure is not an option so Holy Church ordered Ciel to utilize forbidden knowledge of magecraft as...
  13. Yamatohime

    Melty Blood - Game Mechanics

    Is speed difference between characters is actual game mechanics or the real deal? Because some characters like Shiki and Ciel shows the same difference in game but some... Like Miyako can move extremely faster compared to their normal selves (for example Miyako can backpedal faster than Ciel dash).
  14. Numbersguy

    Jaune Arc vs Ciel

    Finally, an even match for him! Jaune Arc Ciel SPEED IS EQUALIZED Both are bloodlusted Ciel can't use magic They fight on a forest