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tier 8

  1. Arkenis

    Hxh vs JJK - Yuji vs Killua

    Post-Shibuya Incident Arc Yuji Early Chimera Ant Arc Killua SBA Equal Speed Starting distance 10m
  2. Wikisource

    Why Magane in Re:Creator get tier 8?

    This is her profile. The AP explanation in her profile is not clear and I cant understand why?
  3. Imlolat5

    homer vs muscle man

    rulez 1. speed equal 2. no optional equipment 3. both at 8-C Donut: MY MOM!!!:
  4. ExSENNA

    Levi Ackerman vs King Bradley REMATCH (0-0-0)

    I think this fight could get a rematch. Back then Levi was physically 8-C and thus had the luxury to tank attacks from Bradley while also being able to oneshot with 8-B blades. I was able to downgrade him to 9-A some months ago and thus now this would be more interesting with both being able to...
  5. Scott Pilgrim vs Mirko

    Post-Volume 3 Scott Pilgrim vs Tiger Bunny Mirko Starting distance is 20 meters Speed is equalized and Scott has the Power of Understanding Both are 8-B Who wins? Scott Pilgrim: Mirko: Inconclusive:
  6. StorytellingDemonKing

    Reborn to Master the Blade Volume 4-6 additions and upgrades

    Alright, so calculations have been accepted and I can finally make this. Here is Inglis Sandbox: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:StorytellingDemonKing/Inglis_Eucus First, I will go through additions for P&A: These two are relatively simple an self explanatory. A bit more interesting...
  7. SpiteBattles

    King Minos / Minos Prime vs Gabriel (ULTRAKILL) (0-7-0)

    Gabriel has already killed King Minos, but he had his guard down and was not as powerful as his Prime form, so what would happen if they fought again? •Both are practically the same speed, but speed will be equalised anyway. •Minos is in his “Minos Prime” form •Battle takes place in that fleshy...
  8. StorytellingDemonKing

    Magic Knight of the Old Ways CRT (Additions and upgrades)

    Alrighty, volume 2 has released. And with that, upgrades and additions can happen. At first I didn't really think anything will change but that was wrong. I will start off with abilities and I guess some additions for characters. Alma Noll Calvania For her intelligence/skill it should be...
  9. SpiteBattles

    Raiden vs Travis Touchdown (0-0-0)

    Assassin Weeb vs Emo Cyborg •Raiden is in his 3rd key (Updated Patriot’s Cyborg Body) •Travis is in his 3rd key (Late game NMH2) •Speed is equal •Takes place in a destroyed city,10 meters apart “Lets Dance!”: “It’s Game Time!”: Incon:
  10. DemonicDude

    High 8-C Survival of the Fittest Tournament: Group A - Ming Xin vs Joseph Joestar

    Group A: Round 7: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Can joseph end his Group's fiinal match with an undefeated win ? Results: Ming Xin (Tales of Herding Gods): Joseph Joestar (Jojo) Post Training: 7 (DD, Popted2, Acer, Speedster, Glace, Pokemonfan, Naito) Inconclusive:
  11. DemonicDude

    High 8-C Survival of the Fittest Tournament: Group A - Ming Xin vs Charles Calvin

    Group A: Round 2: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. We move on to round 2 the Stickman has arrived ! Can he win tho that's the question Ming Xin makes his tourney debut. Results: Charles Calvin (Henry Stickmin (Series) Ming Xin (Tales of Herding Gods): 7 (DD, Zara, Vin, Kflare, Speed...
  12. DemonicDude

    High 8-C Survival of the Fittest Tournament: Group B - Rubia Elstein vs K1B0 (Dragonronpa)

    Group B: Round 1: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Magic Girl vs Ultimate Robot ! Who will those the first 3 points and start their journey let's find out ! Results: K1-B0 (Dragonronpa) 0 Rubia Elstein (Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance) 7 (DD, Speedster352, GoldenScorpions, Popted2, Fluffy...
  13. DemonicDude

    High 8-C Survival of the Fittest Tournament: Group A - Joseph Joestar vs Super Robotnik

    Group A: Round 1: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Joseph Joestar is making his official debut as he is ready to fight in Group A his first opponent the mad scientist Dr.Robotnik Results: Joseph Joestar (Jojo) Post Training: 7 (Popted2, Super, DD, FantaRin_The_First, Kflare, Baken...
  14. DemonicDude

    Tier High 8-C Survival of the Fittest Tournament 2022

    Graphic: The Survival of the Fittest Tournament (2022): Ladies and gentleman welcome to The Survival of the fittest tournament 2022 where you will get to see different characters, Due to the extremely positive feedback on the Bone Crusher Tournament we are doing Points Table tourney again...
  15. Maverick_Zero_X

    Block Busters (8-B/8-A Tournament) [BRACKETS CLOSED]

    Rules Standard Battle Assumptions Matches are decided randomly. Speed will be equalized in each match if there’s over a 3x gap Low hax tournament. No smurfs or characters with giant text walls for abilities. You can nominate 2 characters for each Tier 8-B entries Spider-Man (Web of Shadows)...
  16. SpiteBattles

    P.E.K.K.A. vs Kafka Hibino

    After hearing about some Samurai Knight Robot creature roaming the city,thinking it’s a Kaiju,the Defence Force send Kafka to deal with P.E.K.K.A. Ooooh boy… •Level 99 P.E.K.K.A is used •Under Kafka’s Control Kaiju form is used •Both 8A •Speed equal •Everything else is SBA A Samurai? A Knight...
  17. SpiteBattles

    Tanjiro vs Psycho Mantis

    •Speed equal •Both 8B(Post Pillar Training Tanjiro is used) •Both are 10m apart •both have Prior knowledge •Takes place in a snowy forest •Both in-character but want to win The Psychic: The Demon Slayer: Incon:
  18. ColonelSlyBanjo

    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger vs Megatron (Transformers: Prime)

    Ty and Original form Megatron Speed equalized The location takes place at Australia outback Ty : Megatron : Inconclusive :
  19. Omnificence

    Hellboy (Franchise) Revision Thread #1 | 8-C Hellboy, further calculations, and more!

    So, let's delve deeper into the narrative of Hellboy. For now, I want to see if we can aggrandize his stats from his Attack Potency to Durability. First off, let's take a look at Hellboy's durability. From this calculation here, we can see Hellboy briefly contending with a large colossus, who...
  20. Shmooply

    Thematic battle between two destroyers of Hell

    It's about damn time someone made this matchup, especially since both of them got upgraded to 8-C. I'll keep this intro short & clean, which is funny considering both of their games are fast-paced and... are pretty gorey. DOOMGUY (post night-sentinel training key) VERSUS!! V1 DA RULES -...
  21. Jinsye

    Minecraft Mob Battle Royale

    Why not? Contestants are.... Zombie (Minecraft) Skeleton (Minecraft) Spider (Minecraft) Slime (Minecraft) (Large) Wither Skeleto Zombie Pigma Wolf (Minecraft) Guardian (Minecraft) (Normal) Llama (Minecraft) Blaze Polar Bear (Minecraft) Witch (Minecraft) Who wins?
  22. Yobo_Blue

    8-C Royale Battle

    Contestants: Eli Shane (Beyond Dead OvO) Liliana Zandyke Knack True Potential Jay Sans The Manticore (ARK: Survival Evolved) The Survivor The Hunter (Bloodborne) Batman (Post-Crisis) King Kong (2005) Amalgamates Monokuma Kai Chisaki Izuku Midoriya Blossom (2016) Hajime Hinata...