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blue marvel

  1. Excellence616

    Marvel Comics: 3-C Upgrade for The Anti-Matters and a Superman

    Blue Marvel Anti-Man (Marvel Comics) King Hyperion https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Excellence616/The_Marvel_Supermen
  2. NerdxBlerd

    Blue Marvel possible revision

    Hi Guys, I just want everyone thoughts on having Blue Marvel page possibly upgraded My scaling: Varies, 5B-High-3A normally, High 1B-High 1A at peak As we know Blue Marvel can fight on par with Sentry which I think should scale him to at least High 3A when holding back When Blue...
  3. NerdxBlerd

    Blue Marvel possible Upgrade

    Hi Everyone and Happy Black history month, There's 2 blue Marvel feats I want to share and get some thoughts. Possibly to see if it's viable to upgrade blue Marvel In Defenders: Beyond Vol 1 2, The First feat is Blue Marvel destroying the Beyonder's "fleshsuits"(Which were made up of matter)...
  4. Alancaliber

    Marvel Comics - Blue Marvel Downgrade

    i dont know if this was a troll but someone put blue marvel to island level, he should be at least planet level if not star level def not island when he has redirect a meteor the size of Arkansas and was stated to be able to split the moon with a punch and has punched the sentry to the moon
  5. C2_of_Omegon

    Some Marvel Cleanup

    There are a couple Marvel profiles that I've been meaning to get to. There's some major errors in scaling a few characters plus some other stuff that isn't right or missing on two others profiles. This stuff is relatively simple and shouldn't require too much IMHO, but we'll see. 1. Blue Marvel...
  6. AB1124

    Blue Marvel VS Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Post-Crisis)

    One month of prep. Blue Marvel Vs Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Post-Crisis) I'd like to say BM but honestly, he doesn't have enough feats. Also magic is so hard to beat when it's on the level that Billy has access to. Conversely, antimatter is so hard to scale when comparing even to things...
  7. EightAte8

    Blue Marvel versus Cosmic Ghost Rider

  8. Eficiente

    Doctor Doom comics

    Using this Discussion Thread to recompile powers and stuff while reading this. Issue 1 Telekinesis via magic. Completely unexplored Clairvoyance with Low Multiversal range. Issue 2 Forcefield Creation via magic Maybe the Clairvoyance was done via prep time? Stuff for Morgan Le Fay, who...
  9. EightAte8

    Beta Ray Bill versus Blue Marvel

  10. C2_of_Omegon

    Blue Marvel's Regen

    Why does he have this?? I can't think of nor find any moment where he demonstrated it. Adding on to that, he doesn't even have a level of it! As such, I'm calling for it to be removed.

    Superman vs Blue Marvel CONCLUDED

    Superman (Post-Crisis) vs Blue Marvel (Marvel) Speed equaized. Superman (Post-Crisis) Blue Marvel (Marvel)
  12. C2_of_Omegon

    You're gonna be Black & Blue by the time I'm done with you...

    Black Adam vs. Blue Marvel Speed equalized. SBA otherwise. "Another so-called 'hero'. Here to prattle on about you useless morality?" "No, I'm just here to stop a murderer with a god-complex."
  13. C2_of_Omegon

    Blue Marvel Self-Sustenance

    Blue Marvel should have Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 & 3). Proof of Type 1 Proof of Types 2 & 3
  14. C2_of_Omegon

    A Marvel fights a General

    Blue Marvel vs. General Zod Speed Equal. Otherwise SBA.
  15. RinkakuKagune

    Two Extra Blue Marvel Abilities

    I was skimming through a Blue Marvel respect thread (because he's one of the few high level black Marvel Heroes) and I caught two feats that especially caught my eyes. Resistance to Mind Manipulation: Basically some random character (Lichidus) tries to take over Blue Marvel's mind, but Adam...
  16. Laserbeak3.0

    Blue Marvel VS Manchester Black

    Who would win
  17. Abraxas_Prime

    Superman (Post crisis) vs Blue Marvel

    Who would win ??
  18. RinkakuKagune

    Blue Marvel Abilities

    There are a few Blue Marvel abilities that we have missed out. He has Limited Gravity Manipulation and Magnetism Manipulation as well as Matter Manipulation, Absorption, Possible Radiation Manipulation, Forcefield Creation and Resistance to Matter Manipulation. Blue Marvel flies by...
  19. God_Aldamore

    in his weakness section

    It states that he is vulnerable to magic. On the Marvel Wiki Database site no such weakess is listed and it is stated on the wiki site that his only apparent weakeness is neutronium. Why was the magic vulnerability added?
  20. Zxankou14

    Blue Marvel vs Captain Atom

    Between Blue Marvel's antimatter powers and Atom's control of quantum particles, who do you guys think would have the edge? Note: Please be sure to read up on their powers before replying.
  21. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    There wasn't a "Start a discussion" button on Blue Marvel's page soo.....

    I found a couple of Blue Marvel scans on reddit where he gives Carol Danvers enough energy to go into her binary form. http://i.imgur.com/8HsLnvw.png http://i.imgur.com/svRb9dr.jpg Thoughts?