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arpeggio of blue steel

  1. Arcker123

    The 8th Kenpachi Vs The Fleet of Fog Vessel (Bleach Vs Arpeggio Of Blue Steel)

    Yay… No clue if this is a stomp Kenpachi Azashiro Vs Haruna (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) This is a battle for 4th 9-A non smurf Both 9-A (Obviously) Speed = Non-Smurf Thread Rules Death God: Deceived Ship: Incon:
  2. DontTalkDT

    7-A Team Bracket Match 4 (Pidgeot & Luffy vs Iona & U-2501)

    Pidgeot & Luffy vs Iona & U-2501 Speed Equal Everything above 7-A restricted Battle will take place on the Cape of Good Hope, with Pigeot & Luffy starting on land and Iona and U-2501 starting in the water. Starting distance: 100 meters SBA otherwise Votes: Team Rubberbird: Team Shipgirl...
  3. DeathNoodles

    Battle for the strongest 9-A non-smurf #4 - Ghost vs Machine: Isaac vs Haruna

    Both are 9-A. Speed is Equal. Isaac has all of his items. Isaac: Haruna:
  4. First_Witch

    Battle for 5th spot: Nonsmurf city edition (Haruna vs Lucia)

    Starting with Lucia, Donte is next on the block Lucia vs Haruna 7B versions and speed is equalized Ship: Demon: Flying Dutchman:
  5. First_Witch

    Eternal vs Haruna (Velox asked for it Edition)

    There you go Eternal vs Haruna Kamenrider Eternal and Shipvesell Haruna is used, speed is equal Power Rangers: Azur Collection: Cheap Knockoff heaven:
  6. First_Witch

    Alex Mercer vs Haruna

    Waifu is coming for your place Alex Alex Mercer vs Haruna (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) Evolved Mercer with all of his abilities is used and speed is equalized VIRUSES DAUGHTER: NANOMACHINES SON: World War 3:
  7. Newendigo

    Post-Time Skip Sanji Vs U-2501 -/- 7-A Tournament.

    Main Thread. Current Battles. Speed equalized, Base Sanji is being used, victory by all means. U-2501: 7 (Fortes, Witch, Wright, KG, Memes, Patricio, Straw). Sanji (Post-Timeskip):
  8. First_Witch

    Yeah, im kinda desperate (Haruna vs Law) (0/1/0)

    One Piece is 7A but only a hand few are probably fair against my Ship girls. Haruna vs Trafalgar Law Post Time-Skip Law it is, Super Gravitron Cannon is restricted for Haruna. SBA otherwise. Yarr harr: 1 The actual Marine: OP Pirate with his OP Pirate Ship:
  9. First_Witch

    Oven shall pay me big bucks (Weather Report vs Haruna (Arpeggio))

    Oven that son of a gun believes that this should be tried out. JoJo is a big no-no VS Battle wise, but no one else has good ideas so whatevs Weather Report vs Haruna (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) Both are at their peak and nothing is restricted, speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the Tokyo...
  10. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    The King of Conquerors vs a haxxed out Submarine

    In my neverending quest to find a match for this dude I may have found something interesting. Fight takes place in Fuyuki City starting at the harbor with both combatants 100 meters apart. Speed is Equalized and both are serious yet in-character. SBA for the rest. Here's a map of the city...
  11. First_Witch

    Rulers of the Sea (The Lord Ruler vs U-2501) (Grace)

    Sponsored by Wokistan. The Lord Ruler vs U-2501 7B Key for both, speed is equal, they start 1 Kilometer away from each other. The fight takes place in a fictional pacific ocean, there are smaller island scattered around and metals exist on them. Someone threw his spear: SPACE HAX: 6...
  12. DontTalkDT

    Kongou (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) vs Kumoko

    Kongou (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) vs Kumoko God Kumoko vs Ship Kongou Speed Equal, I guess
  13. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Gardevoir vs Kirishima

    Alright, let's do this then!! Another Pokemons vs Alien Ships again but this time the PFQ will take the lead. The other Kongou-Class Battleships against the best Fairy Pokemon around, who would win!!? -Base Gardevoir and Ship Vessel Kirishima are used -Speed are equalized -Both in character...
  14. First_Witch

    First Witch is masochistic (Kirishima vs Fear)

    Both of my favourite verses are City level, so this was a given Kirishima vs Fear This is City+ Kirishima vs "The White" Fear, Speed is equal and Super Graviton Cannon is restricted. Azur Collection: My sister is an Monster: Invasion on Earth:
  15. Kaltias

    Iona vs Lucario

    Because it was brought up in the 7-A brackets. Speed is equal, this is base Lucario (no Mega evolution) and Iona has weapons up to 7-A. Blame Cal and Witchy if this ends up being a mismatch Iona (Arpeggio of Blue Steel): Lucario: Inconclusive:
  16. Dargoo_Faust

    7-A Brackets Round 8

    Eighth round of the 7-A brackets begins! The winner of the last round was EMIYA Alter. Current Standings The contenders for this round are Iona (Arpeggio of Blue Steel), submitted by First Witch, and Gaspard (Dark Chronicle), submitted by LordGriffin100. 7-A Ship Vessel Iona and 7-A Demon...
  17. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Godzilla Earth vs Iona

    The second Iona match it seems, now after the magical girl/witch hyibird now its a overpowered plant-dinosaur against her and the crews, who would win!!? -7-A Godzilla are used -Super Graviton Cannon are unrestricted -Speed are equalized -Both in character -Place: Sydney Harbor -Range are...
  18. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kongou-class Battleship!! I, the Nice Guy of Imperishable Flames come for Bargain!!

    If you thought this Dr. Strange match then congrats, you just get jebaited ovo The Battleship of Fog Fleet's just encounter the King of Warrior in the Tokyo Bay, now they engage in battle, who would win!!? -Ship Vessel Haruna are used -Bolverk Gram and Super Graviton Cannon are unrestricted...