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annabeth chase

  1. RedReaper

    Percy gets Mycenaean. (Annabeth gets minor buffs too)

    So, it occurs to me that Percy's manipulation of Liquid is missing some stuff. I'm putting it as "Limited" because it's not something he directly has access to, but a consequence of his powers controlling Liquids. This could also easily be changed to Optional Equipment if desired-Just know that...
  2. GraveDigger84

    Riordanverse Discussion Thread

    Talk about anything Riordanverse related Upcoming stuff: Percy Jackson Disney+ TV show Kane Chronicles Netflix movie Untitled Solangelo book
  3. Mephistofelicia

    Riordanverse downgrade

    Ain't none of the demigods 6C. Those feats are outliers, and they never reproduce them. Hazel sinks an island, and yet barely makes a wall fall later on, in The Tyrant's Tomb. Sky-holding should be scrapped altogether. 0 info about what this sky is. Could be 200 kilos, could be 2000, could be a...
  4. RegisNex1232

    Riordanverse Tier 6 Revisions: Part 2

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2544242 - Part 1 In the above thread, most people agreed to the Tier 6 feat being an outlier and are fine with carrying out any necessary revisions for the profiles. As a continuation to the above thread, this thread will determine the new ratings of the Greek...
  5. RegisNex1232

    Riordanverse Tier 6 Revisions

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2179636 So in this thread meant to downgrade sone of the demigods from 6-C, we ran into the problem pointed out that the Tier 6 feat of Annabeth lifting the sky here may not have been calculated properly and that on the whole, it would be an outlier to the vast...
  6. Schnee_One

    Annabeth Chase vs All Might

    Hey remember Percy vs All Might? Yeah, that battle was cool. So Imma do Annabeth since she's slightly more fair and torture DMUA. Speed is Equal, Prime All Might, they both know who they're fighting All Might (Much stronger then 4.76 Gigatons): Annabae Chase (Survived a 22 Gigatons sky...
  7. Jinsye

    Annabeth Chase vs. Madoka Kaname

    I love how Madoka's alot less used than the other girls even though her name is in the title. Anyways speed = 6-C (no Doppel Kriemhild) Who wins Annabeth Chase: 0 Madoka Kaname: 0
  8. Vergo (One Piece) vs Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson)

    Well Annabeth, lets see if you are right. Speed is equalized Annabeth Chase Vergo "Even strength has to bow down to wisdom sometimes."