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alice zuberg

  1. AzuRizzz

    SAO Alicization Revision.

    SAO Alicization various character abilities addition. Summoning For alice, she can summon her dragon amayori. Amayori has Breathe Attack, Enhanced senses, flight. Should be the same for other integrity knights. Fear Inducement for Alice, Alice could easily induce fear on people with her...
  2. RitsuØ1

    Sword Art Online CRT: The AP Revertion

    Yes. Here we are again. I am upgrading the verse again when the verse just got downgraded. ¯\(ツ)/¯ The Return of Small Country level The fight created an earthquake shaking which is Low 6-B for Shaking The Earth This will apply to Kirito & Subtilizer The Return of Multi-Solar System level...
  3. Star_King_Demon_Lord

    Sword Art Online CRT: More Additions To The Entire Verse

    Characters in the Underworld gets Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Matter Manipulation due to the Minds/Souls being described as Quantum Fields: Subtilizer gets Void Manipulation and/or Existence Erasure (Via his void blade) and Nonexistent Physiology (Likely Type 1) as he was...
  4. Phoenks

    Kazuma vs Alice Zuberg (0-0-0)

    Satou Kazuma vs Alice Zuberg Both are 8-B. Speed Equalized. Starts 100m away.
  5. Xmark12

    Kirito Suffers: The Light Novel - The Sword Art Online Discussion/Q&A Thread #3

    Previous thread: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2470128 Alicization episode 24 finished airing quite a bit ago, and because of that, here's a little summary of what happened so far to little ol' Kirito (Credit to the folks over at 4chan for this wonderful summary. Unfortunately though because...
  6. Xmark12

    Memeization: The Sword Art Online Discussion Thread #2

    Previous thread: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2182957 Alicization episode 24 just dropped. Eugeo's dead. Child Alice is dead. Cardinal is dead. Charlotte is dead. Quinella is dead. Chudelfuck is dead. Kirito is brain damaged and is now a vegetable with d e p p r e s s i o n . What a...
  7. Dragopentling

    Alice Synthesis Thirty vs Selesia (the first of likely several Alice versus threads I want to do)

    This is kinda something I wanted to try out and though it's fair, though kinda random. Alice Zuberg: Selesia: 1 (Schnee One) Inconclusive: 2 (Kuroiha, Xmark12) Since Alice's Speed is labelled "Unknown" on her profile, Speed is equalized for this match. Base forms are used. (Will add Revised...