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Yusei's dub only fear of insects


VS Battles
Content Moderator
Yusei's profile mentions a fear of insects in his weakness section. The problem is that said fear is dub only. Therefore it should be removed.
Sorry it took me so long, I found the English Dub episode for you.


The Duel starts at 12:20, at 12:30 Yusei's friends state he doesn't like bugs because an incident before and he freezes up just from hearing the word Insect.

There is one problem with this and that is the fact that Yusei is standing right next to his friends who just said the word insect but doesn't freeze up. Through the entire duel they make claims of him being afraid of bugs and not attack but Yusei shows no signs of fear and he didn't attack because he didn't have a monster that could defeat Chainsaw Insect at that moment and Shield Warrior is a defense monster.

If Yusei was so afraid he would have froze up but he didn't he was calm and used his cards without any mess ups. He admits that the guy had him on the ropes but that's because he had three monsters each with over 2,000 attack points! And Yusei had none.

Yusei's actions alone during that duel proves that weaknesses/fear of bugs is bullshit. If he was so afraid like his friends claimed he was, he would have passed out as soon as Chainsaw Insect appeared let alone Doom Dozzor and Metal Armered Bug. They can't say he freezes up just from hearing the word Insect when not only does he not freeze up after his friend literally says the word and he plays through the whole duel without mentioning how uncomfortable it is to fight insects.

The only hit we have that he is afraid of bugs is at the end of their duel the guy says lets duel again topside at 20:47 Yusei says "but no bugs ok".

However in the video Nehz XZX linked


At 9:30 during the same seen Yusei doesn't sound like he said "but no bugs ok". He doesn't even sound like he said more than one word.

I think the weakness should be removed regardless if he said the same thing. If Yusei is afraid of bugs he clearly knows how to hide his supposed "fear" of them.
Thanks for providing the link for the English Dub for me but it is apparently not available in my Country (Germany). That reminds me of multiple English Dub videos that I found on Youtube and when I clicked on them all I would see would be a statement about it not being available in my country.
I'll message some people knowledgeable about the series to take a look at this thread to help move it along.