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Correction: there will be a debate about the possibility of Yujiro being downgraded.

There's no harm in continuing this thread, but i think that if we restrict DB then we won't be able to add the match to both profiles.
So, how often does Jugo use his Earth/Water/Air Manip and how do they work?

Same question for his paralyzation inducement.
Nah even with the shit Baki showed me if he doesn't get downgraded he'll be a lower level of 7-C. If he does get downgraded he'll be 8-A.

Tbh I'm still confused on the DB multiplier, it comes from Baki where Retsu stated that he got 2x stronger in the anime. ( which isn't canon to my knowledge and finding that particular chapter is a bitch.) so I'm not sure why he's given a 4x multiplier when at best it'd increase his DB to 3x.
I personally feel like the Bakiverse should be downgraded. There are some 7-C feats, yes, but then there are a bunch of anti-feats really below 7-C that were done with visible effort. Furthermore, the Bakiverse is known for loving to hype its own characters. That doesn't change the fact it's only a possibility, so we shouldn't count on it before the downgrade thread is even created to start with.

Why isn't it canon exactly? Yes, that's where it comes from. We usually see "above 2x" as 3x so that's what we currently use iirc.
Because the anime isn't written by Itagaki nor does he have any work in the anime. You can't use the anime as a canon source of information if the Mangaka doesn't work on it, made it or states that it's canon. The only reason why we do that for Fairy Tail for example is because Hiro works directly on the anime. It's no different than me using the anime for Naruto for canon evidence or the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime, it inflates everything and isn't canon.
Wasn't that also in the manga? And even if it was anime-exclusive, Amlad22 might know to explain this better than me, but iirc it had something to do with Itagaki supervisioning the anime and having statements/details in it that he didn't put in the original manga, that's why sometimes we use the Baki anime > Baki manga when it comes to feats and statements.
" The anime was adapted to better fit Itagaki's later descriptions of characters. Mostly Baki and Yujiro. The anime and manga give two very different characters when looking at those two because the anime changed many things from the manga to fit the way Itagaki has the characters from NGB onwards. Yujiro is the more obvious one. Just look at any scene he's in during the first series and you'll see minor to major changes "

That's what Amlad said on the subject. Actually, in response to you.
Anyways, even if you don't trust that, the statement is in the manga as well iirc so yeah.
Which is irrelevant because the Mangaka didn't work on it. Amlad also debunks himself in the same sentence by stating that the anime changed shit that the manga didn't, and he has no influence over the anime. He didn't direct it nor did he oversee it and I've already provided citations, unlike Amlad.
When the CRT for downgrading the verse is made I'll take the time to get scans then. I am neutral on 8-A Baki personally. I agree with both sides so I'll just lay out the arguments for both sides when the time comes and see what the community agrees with.

As I've said many times before, if we use the Grappler Baki manga only, it doesn't account for all the changes to characters like Yujiro that Itagaki ended up making, we would have 7-C Doppo, Motobe and Kureha along with literally the rest of the cast. I'm not sure what you mean with the debunking myself point I think you didn't understand my comment in general which is fine. I said the anime changed things from the manga, not that the anime changed things that the manga didn't. Similar, not the same.

As for the DB multiplier, I've also talked before about how it should be much higher than 3-4x but we can't say for sure so we're stuck at 3-4. With the DB, Baki was capable of blitzing Jack despite being overwhelmed just seconds prior and being severely injured. It also allowed him to match and eventually overpower Oliva, despite literally getting two shot by him in base and being unable to damage him. Anyway that's my input. Basically 3x is a lowball if anything.
The Prince of Counters said:
Whoever told you anything about 7-B is wrong, I talked to Baki about it the feat in question would be around 15 Kilotons, not Megatons.
I mean, its Promestein that is going to make the CRT and Ive talked to her, so
Oblivion Of The Endless said:
KGiffoni said:
Why? You got me curious now
Something something nukes from USA not being able to deal with him
But Prom can still change that before posting the CRT (since its not done yet), so yeah, dont count too much on that
Makes sense but then we'd have to consider the nukes from the time Grappler Baki takes place
7-B is a big no. That's ridiculous wank. If anything I expect the ratings to change to At least 8-A likely 7-C. But 7-B is way out of the question.
7-C for that reason is solid but then again one would need to assume Yujiro is hit with the full impact of the Nuke, and it would depend on where he is. Surface Area and Inverse Square Law and what not.
The Prince of Counters said:
7-C for that reason is solid but then again one would need to assume Yujiro is hit with the full impact of the Nuke, and it would depend on where he is. Surface Area and Inverse Square Law and what not.
Statements like these assume point blank
Oblivion Of The Endless said:
Pretty sure that the USA at that time already had nukes like Little Boy, which is 7-C, so maybe "possibly 7-C" for Yujiro at least
Funnily enough Little Boy is exactly 15 kilotons so it would end up the same
I mean, if we go 100% by consistency then the Bakiverse would suffer some immense downgrades
Tbf that can be said for like every verse. Consistency within reason is what we should always go for.