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Yang Xiao Long vs Ulrich Stern

Yang 3
Ulrich 2
because why not?

-Yellowclad brawlers who are the second strongest in their team (Silver Eyes Ruby and Aelita being the strongest),

-Are the most physically and offensively oriented of their team.


-use close-combat weapons

-Are fan favorites of their respecive series

They must fight

Power vs Speed

Gauntlet vs Sword

Playfulness vs Seriousness,

duplicates and illusions vs slight healing factor and power absorption

Battle takes place in Wan Shi Tongs library from Avatar The Last Airbender

Scenario: One day XAN decided to somehow send a schoolgirl with superpowers to the Lyoko verse and transfered her to Lyoko to guard a tower by herself.

Out of boredom she challenges a Twin-Katana wielding Samurai to a duel.

This is either to the death or KO, depending on what they do in-character.


Ulrich: 0

Yang: 0

Inconclusive: 1 (Cal)
Oh man, I didn't know we have Code Lyoko pages, I loved that show (and started rewatching it since it got officially uploaded to YouTube)

Anyway, this match is probably inconclusive. Yang is way more durable but Ulrich is far to fast. Even if we do scale Ulrich off of the Kolossus (which I don't see why we don't) then that probably only bolster his stats to High 8-C/8-B which is still out of Yangs league.

I believe that we don't scale Ulrich off the Kolossus since he has extreme difficulty cutting through something as large as a Megatank, let alone something as massive as the Kolossus (thus why I'm considering it an outlier).