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Sekiro should be able to just negate her immortality and kill her pretty handily and outskill Sayaka, unless I don't know something
If her physical form is reliant on anything, the Mortal Blade would just sever that connection, killing Sayaka permanently.
Yes, wolf outskills and once he realises she regens from everything he'll go for the mortal blade before she can incap

Voting on wolf
Beast Zero Gudako said:
How does his ressurection work? Is it instant? What level of regen he has negate?
He can negate regen of people who can survive getting their head cut off.
I feel like Ed should comment here before I vote so I'll let that happen.
Schnee One said:
SomebodyData as well
idrk Somebody too well, but ik Ed. But yeah, sure, him too, if somebody wants to summon him.
There's no real vote for Sayaka though since this is her first key where she was a newbie that got skill stomped by Kyoko Sakura and was very impulsive and irrational while fighting.
7C versions automatically go to the strongest version by SBA so I didn't believe it was necessary since I stated she couldn't go 7B as well
Eh true. Although technically she can still go to 7-B at base if she becomes a witch mid fight.

Anyway retracting vote since I know very little about Magia Record.

I still don't think Sayaka would be nearly skilled enough to fight Wolf though (LoC her would though skill wise).
SpookyShadow said:
Depends on her feats. Because entire Sekiro, and Soulsborne games are based entirely on skill.
Well she becomes has the combined knowledge and skill of multiple (infinite?) timelines as she a part of Ultimate Madoka who is 2-A
If Sayaka is as skilled as Mami in that key, then she can compete skill wise st least
Well Homura had a full on fight with Mami where they were evenly matched and Sayaka straight up manhandled Homura temporarily (Homura's time stop makes any fight a bitch to handle no matter how skilled you are).
Ed says she absolutely loses so...

Wolf FRA.