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What's dream world length?

Saikou The Lewd King said:
The stage was stated to take place in space multiple times. There are no reasons to assume it's an illusion.
Is these any proof that Reisen does fly across these stars? I mean, those stars are prettly far away from the proganonist
The fact that they are far away should be even more proof of that. Moving in space normally certainly wouldn't make the stars in the background move. You need to fly at MFTL+ speed for stars to genuinely move out of view.
That kinda looks like a Galaxy? And can't Doremy Sweet casually Manipulate that realm at will? (Yes, Major Necro, but if Doremy can be moved up to 3-C I'd be glad)
We have no reason to think that these stars are a galaxy.

We also don't know if Doremy can manipulate the entire realm at once, despite the fact that she rules over it. Though she certainly can create/erase several dreams at once (And each one is 4-A sized).

If we had proofs of her manipulating the entire dream world, she'd certainly be 3-C, if not 3-B.
If she can control every Dream, then she should be ridiculously into 3-A, because she'd have to be able to have control over amitabha's dream, which has to be big enough to fit him.
Amitabha once again sheer-sizing his way through making every single Touhou realm larger than the universe.
Legit though, if we accepted that, Doremy would probably already be 3-A, as she does have the ability to manipulate the dream of everyone who's ever dreamt, just not at once.

But it wouldn't be accepted for the same reasons only Hecatia scales to him: He's way too vague and mysterious for now.
Oh, no I ment all the stars together look like a Galaxy, not each Star being a Galaxy. Also, I didn't say Multi-Galaxy (3-B) I sent Galaxy (3-C).
Even then, Doremy's dreams aren't any different from any world with stars in it. No reason to assume it would be galaxy-sized.

I'm the one who said 3-B though. But that's only if she can truly manipulate all the dreams at once.
My fault, I misread: "If not 3-B" as "Not 3-B" it's 4 in the morning, so words blends together.

But, what I ment is that, if those lights are normal sized Stars, and they're all Stars, wouldn't that make the dream world around 3-C?

And if she could Manipulate the Dream world and peoples dreams, wouldn't that make her 3-A, since there'd be the dreams of the dead too? (People like Yuyuko and Youmu.)
Your wording kinda confuses me. There is a difference between a single individual dream and the entire Dream World.

A single dream = 4-A sized due to having several stars and nebulae in them. Making one dream at least the size of the distance of the average star from Earth.

The whole Dream World = Realm with all the dreams inside. Every being who can dream has a dream in there. So it's at least 7 billion dreams in there. We don't know the number of dead people who exist at one given moment (Some were reincarnated and others were just erased, so we can't say that every dead people still exists).

As the gap between baseline 4-A (and a single dream is way above that) and 3-C is less than 7 billion, the entire Dream World would be at least 3-C, if not low-end 3-B.

However, Doremy has only shown the ability to manipulate a few dreams at once, not the entire dream world. So she's still 4-A (Albeit really high end) until further notice.
The highest I could realistically see her is Low 2-C, if we get confirmations that Doremy can create/destroy the entire Dream World (And not just all the dreams within it, mind you) and that the total sum of the dreams approaches the size of the universe. But even then, that's hardcore wishful thinking.
Honestly, I don't see it going much further than 3-A. It took us over a decade to get anyone stronger than the then-strongest characters in the series (The Lunarian in 2004 and Hecatia in 2015). And knowing Touhou, it's very unlikely she'd get any really big feat before the hype/interest around LoLK dies down. Also, reminder that the 3-A feat is from 2012. Quite a while back, so it's not like we're suddenly getting new absurd feats out of the blues.

The very best I could realistically see Touhou going in the near future is Hecatia going 2-C/2-B/2-A over dealing with the Otherworlds and their Hells, but it's unlikely.
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