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Walter VS Doge

NGL Walter looks more brutal doe

No, seriously, bull terriers are renowned for their stocky builds unlike doge here, so I'll choose Walter for this one.
You just missed him. Recently sockpuppets have been posting garbage **** pics as of late.
Also, this is probably a stomp, and I'm looking for some sort of advantage I could give the shiba. Maybe a home field advantage?
KLOL506 said:
You just missed him. Recently sockpuppets have been posting garbage **** pics as of late.
Ohhh...I saw one of those. First on my Punch-Out revision thread, then on a VS thread, and finally on my Husky profile.
I'd recommend 4 doges against one Walter, evens the playing ground
Shiba Inus should get ripped apart- they're not a hunting breed, and are a lot smaller than the Bull Terrier, who's also a lot more aggressive.

Voting mostertruck
Looking into it, they're mostly used for small game, they don't hunt big animals- I think Walter still has the edge here.