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Wall level+ Zombie and Small Building level Gravedigger



The zombie in the opening of RE2 Remake was able to survive been hit by a speeding semi truck and remain intact.


Be hit by a semi truck moving at 60 mph (since the truck was likely moving at such speed due of it travelling in a interstate with no other vehicles else slowing it down) is a Wall level+ feat.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXjD5_tu_mQ (1:03 and forward)


The Gravedigger in RE3 has been show to be able easily tunneling through Raccon City's underground and digging up from it, each times with enough force to violently shake the around, causing a lot of destruction (like the road or the cemetery).


Dig up from underground is a Wall level to Small Building level feat, while the other two feats seen to be Small Building level as well (but i'm not sure).
Grave Digger should be fine since he does cause an entire cementery to sink, don't know about zombies since consensus regarding such feats was to utilize conservation of momentum as opposed to the kinetic unless the vehicle is forced into a full stop after crashing into someone.
I'm pretty certain that Gravedigger was only able to break the shallow concrete because it was an old direlict cemetery and the dirt supporting it was destroyed by it's tunneling.