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zombie (resident evil)

  1. Mariogoods

    Doraemon VS Zombie (Resident Evil)

    Rule: 1. Doraemon is in his Base key (9-B) while Zombie (Resident Evil) is in its Crimson Heads key (Sticked to 9-B) 2. The battle takes place in Nobita's house. Otherwise SBA. Vote: Doraemon: 0 Zombie (Resident Evil): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  2. Stefano4444

    Wall level+ Zombie and Small Building level Gravedigger

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWbu4DtRrtU The zombie in the opening of RE2 Remake was able to survive been hit by a speeding semi truck and remain intact. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ArbitraryNumbers/References_for_Common_Feats#60_mph Be hit by a semi truck moving at 60 mph...
  3. Jasonsith

    (3 RE - 0 DR) Resident Evil Zombie vs Dead Rising Zombie

    1 Base RE zombie vs 1 Base DR zombie Crimson Head mode resurrection is restricted Else SBA (no speed equalisation for the moment) Battle takes place in New York Central Park with each standing 3m apart. Leon Kennedy - 3 - Stefano4444, Abstractions, Anttron224 Frank West - 0 They watch...
  4. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan vs Zombie (Resident Evil)

    Speed equalized Both 9-B
  5. Kiryu-MG3

    Rosie (The Walking Dead) vs Zombie (Resident Evil)

    Zombie Killer Crimson Head Zombie Killer:7 votes Crimson Head: Inconclusive: Win by death In character.
  6. fandom_2horny4u

    A Biohazard in Silent Hill

    A Zombie stumbles his way into a Bubble Head Nurse The fight is in Racoon City but with the silent hill fog. No crimson head, although the zombie happens to be carrying a flashlight, using it before he turned. Bubble head has a steel pipe as usual. It's 1 on 1. How does it go down?