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Tyrannosaurus Tussle: Dino Crisis Tyrannosaurus vs Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus

Ok. Junior gets destroyed. With Buck or Doe it might be a little more difficult as both have withstood and easily stomped forces that would have killed ordinary humans and animals. But one paticular JP T.rex, Rexy, actually managed to stand up to the Indominus Rex, a Building level creature, while a Dino Crisis Giganotosaurus of the same level thrashed the DC T.rex around like a rag doll. So my vote is for JP T.rex.
Sadly my vote goes to the DC Rex!!! (I love both series, but Jurassic a little more)

We have to factor in powerleveling and difference! While you made both of them the same size and the same species of dinosaur; they both come from two different universes!

Both T.Rexs are inaccurate when it comes to science to a degree, but that aside. Do you really think TLW Buck in any universe can survive point-blank cannon fire from a one-manned tank?!?! That alone right there speaks volumes about DC Rex's durability!!!

Their bite force might be in the same region of strength, but in the end Cyclops will be the one standing victorious over Buck, do it's much greater durability. A feat we can clearly see.
The videogames are unrealistic (for example the x rays from Mortal Kombat, and the kombatants still fighting). If the fight is in the DC universe, probably the rex wins. In a more realistic universe as JP, the two can win, altrought I vote for Buck. He probably has a better bite force and experience.
yeah , but if a T-rex from Dino Crisis can take on a futuristic tank and get shot multiple times and somehow damage a Ark Giganotosaurus , then there is no way a JP Rex like Buck and Doe can do anything especially a T-rex that more powerful than Rexy
Another feat which may or may not be allowed, and is really overlooked unless you was bored like me and fooled around with Dino Crisis...

The Toxin Dart... in DC it oneshots any creature, but the T.Rex! Trust me, I've fooled around alot with a gameshark back on the old PSX! The dart would only for like 2 seconds stop the Rex animation, before it chomped down on poor Regina!

Jump into TLW-Verse, the Buck was dropped with Two Tranq darts! Plus it's highly stated that the Toxin Dart by Eddie Carr, would have killed both Rexes, if shot! Plus even though it's non-canon in the PC game Jurassic Park Trespasser in the fifth level I believe you can one-shot the Alpha Rex with the Toxin Dart.

Just throwing that out there! Cyclops is just to durable of a Rex compared to the JP-Series Rexes!!!

A better fight would be Cyclops vesus a level 150 Rex from ARK!!!