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Total Drama Revision


VS Battles
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So this thread is gonna talk about the Total Drama characters that are listed as Low 7-B

Now they are Low 7-B because of this calc

I respect Darkanine's hard work and all but this "feat" appears to be a outlier.

Ezekiel nor the other characters never took anything like this aside from this moment making it a outlier.

Heres what a outlier is:

"An Outlier is an event or incident that is considered to be completely and irreconcilably inconsistent with a character, entity, group, or series' normal displayed level of power."

The calc was deleted by Darkanine because Darkanine possibly thought that the entire thing was an outlier but it was later reuploaded.

Just because it is calcuated doesnt mean it's not a outlier.

Now i wish for the characters listed as Low 7-B to be listed At least 9-B due to the verse having Wall Level feats that they can scale to.

Update: They can be downgraded to High 8-C now due to this calc
I believe I agree with this. I knew something was fishy about the profiles, given they dont demonstrate such thing. The characters, for one, are just a simple survival elimination show with no hax whatsoever and something like that shouldnt even be considered, especially since not even Owen could perform such feat like this, his best gag feat only being around 8-B via causing a massive water wave upon impacting with the water, and hes supposed to be the strongest character in the show.

Unless youre some survival elimination series like Battle for Dream Island for demonstrating consistent superhuman feats such and such, this isnt one of them. So, I agree for the downgrade.

Is there any feats performed you want me to calc, then?
This profiles are wanked, this verse is clearly inconsistent enough to have all thier characters with a variable tier, with the major feats scaling to no one but the characters having them at their best, while everyone is what they deserve to be normally.
If that's the only feat they have on that level then I agree with downgrading them.
First off, DarkAnine never deleted the calc nor did he disagree with it. He simply changed his username which deleted the comments on his various blogs. Anyway, he never considered it wank or outlierish. And actually, there are feats of them sinking an island among other things. It was done via prep time but still. And their speed feats.

A long time ago, I would have disagreed with this heavily given how crazy Total Drama tends to be and the fact that no one ever dies despite the crazy scenarios. And they are impressive in other areas, such as speed. However, I'd much rather if we calculate this feat before we do anything. And if it's too far behind, we can use that feat instead.
Where is said feat in the vid? If youre referring to Izzy hitting the bridge, that doesnt seem impressive.
Thought there was a time stamp, but anyway, at 1:35, she tanks an explosion at point blank that generates a tall mushroom cloud. But anyway, calcing it at the moment.

Edit: Came out at High 8-C at the high end, but I'll let a calc group member decide that.
Thank you for helping out. You can ask here for evaluations: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/4020729
damn, im gonna miss Chris McLean stomping Monokuma in AP...

on a serious note, as much as it pains me to admit it, im okay with this downgrade. tho I think they should be MCB, or close to that at least. In total dramarama, a ball went out of orbit, hit a satellite, and went back down to earth in 3 minutes. assuming communication satellites were the ones hit, you get 11933286 m/s, or 3.9% light speed. the ball was tiny, so assuming the average mass of a ball, or 0.057 kg, you get 970 tons of tnt, or MCB. which is somewhat consistent with Izzy's durability feat. Chef caught this ball with his bare hands btw.

Noah also dodged legitimate lasers in total drama world tour episode 18
I remember the laser feat being brought up; and it seems legit. Though, it appears the videos were taken down due to YouTube's copyright laws. They were listed here. We'd need to dig for them again...
List the timeframe. If youre referring to the beginning, the lasers were already fired, and the gang is only stuck between them, hence, most likely aim dodging.
Make sure to include time stamps for easy access. And those lasers Noah reacted to didn't look like anything. But there was a feat of Chris dodging security lasers.
pretty sure I linked the timestamp. its 15:26

anyways the issue with the chris feat is that it happens...literally in one frame. im not kidding. plus the lasers seem to be fine for Noah??? they move in a straight line and don't explode on contact.

apologies for not including the timestamp btw
Ah yes, I see it. Would be easier to use this tool, but I can see Relativistic speed happening. And yeah, those are inferred lasers, so they should be considered real lasers. And yes, lots of people have landed hits on Noah and would thus scale.
Total Drama will be downgraded to 8-B scaling from Izzy surviving a firey explosion point blank, and they also get FTL reaction speed scaling from Noah reacting to lasers. Also, new abilities that were missing on their profiles will be added. Not sure which ones, however, but thats just from what I have heard.
Hey, you at least wanted to do RWBY matches with them? Or maybe even Sportacus of all things...
I don't know the show, but what makes the tier Low 7-B inconsistent but tier 8-B consistent?
I hope Penny's Lazer clac is still City block level after a recalc so vol 7 characters can scale to her
Ogbunabali said:
I don't know the show, but what makes the tier Low 7-B inconsistent but tier 8-B consistent?
Because that's the only tier 7 feat of its kind, and Owen causing earthquakes was debunked. Also, Ezekiel was feral at the time, so hence how its an outlier.
Izzy tanking an explosion, ant there's someone else bringing up the ball getting thrown off the atmosphere.