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Toriko Autophagy Speed

This is a VERY shaky calc being my second one



Angsizing now:


2atan(tan(70/2)*(50/728)) = 5.51 degrees

Toriko Blitz Starju

2atan(tan(70/2)*(62.7/728)) = 6.90 degrees

Plugging into the angsize calculator

Point of view GT robo distance: 2.3803m

Point of view Komatsu distance: 16.105m

The distance between them is 13.7247m

The level of error of a GT Robo is less than a millisecond. So for Toriko to hit Starjun at this distance he'd have to clear it in less than one millisecond.

Toriko was possibly going 13724.7 m/s= Mach 40.01
I can't evaluate this since I'm horrifically bad at math and I've never ang-scaled before, but it looks pretty clean at the very least.

That said, I just want give you a heads up and say that it is now standard policy to post all calculations on blogs and link them to the forums via a content revision thread like this one for archiving purposes.